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Postulates of Faith Discussion

In our current state of affairs it is safe and reasonable to assume something exists, be it a universe, pure conciousness, illusion or other designations. If some readers nevertheless claim something does not exist right now, then this question effectively

What does it mean to be human

Human means to me is to have the ability to communicate systematically using words, symbols, body gestures or postures, and facial expression; to make our own decision and bear the consequences of them and to make and wear clothing, accessories,

Does thinking about a “multiverse” get you wondering about Heaven?

Saint Paul envisioned that the first Heaven is the sky that is populated by the birds, and the second Heaven is the universe that is populated by the stars. Then the third Heaven meaning being caught up to the presence

How Many Heavens

Everyone has different beliefs when it comes to heaven and hell and nobody really knows what the correct answer is.  Heaven is also sometimes known as a sky not just where you go once your soul leaves your body.  Not

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

Being a human means you have different characteristics then other things in the world. Some characteristics that humans have are weight, mass, charge, life, growth, food, reproduce, active, personality, and adaption. Humans have many things about them.   Rocks have


What does the uncertainty principle teach us? How does this relate to faith? That you can not find God scientifically but you can find him with your soul.   What does it mean to say that God exists outside of

Gaining Yardage

Are Arlo and the speaker friends? Yes, they are friends.  What makes someone a good friend? A good friend is someone who will always be there for you and won’t stab you in the back or start rumors about you. 

Does thinking about a “multiverse” get you wondering about heaven? I wondered.

The main question is “are there multiple heavens? Numerous will state that there is one and only one Heaven but others will disagree. A few people will only go by things they may hear from the Bible while others will


Multiverse by definition is hypothetical set of various possible universes including the universe which humans live in. What does that mean? We read that from the internet, but still have no idea on the idea behind what a multiverse even


Although I go to a Catholic school, I’m not a Catholic or even a Christian. I’d like to think of myself as a person of logic, with no physical evidence I cant see myself believing in any of it. Now some may say that

The New House

Walking into a freshly moved into home, with all your family, already making new experiences just like that. Once you leave this place, memories will be stuck within the walls and the floors with have stories within the crevices. Every

Is there a multi-universe?

Is there such thing as a multi-universe? That’s what we are asking today. Some people may believe there is one or even no heavens floating above us but, some people believe there are several heavens above us. Even though I

The New House

Do people exist beyond a physical presence? Yes, I think people do exist beyond a physical presence. I think that when people die their souls are still here. I have know proof that people exist beyond a physical presence but

The New House

Do people exist beyond a physical presence? Yes, they do. Souls exist in everybody

First Thought

It was a crisp spring morning.  The kind that made your feet wet when you stepped outside.  The wind was chilly but the sun was warm as Harold the hominid stepped out from his cave, this very morning.  This morning

The New House

This poem is full of soothing words and truthful words. This poem’s title is insinuating that we as people of God will leave our physical body and enter a realm of happiness and joy with God at our side. Many people

The New House

Do people exist beyond a physical presence? I believe yes, and I need to believe yes, because losing a family member is hard. I need to hope there is going to be a time in the future I can see


There are many questions that we have about God and this universe. There are many possible answers to all of these questions, so I have answered them. I might be right, I might be wrong, but this is how I

First Thought

One morning as I rose out of my bed and looked out the front of my cave, I kept thinking and thinking bout the dream I had that night.  It was an unusual dream then all of my other ones

Jerk Story

The night was cold and dreary. It had been raining for the past few nights now. Derrick, was wide awake thinking about what happened hours before during school. This 13-year-old boy whose name was Jake was making fun of the

The Multiverse and Heaven

The final paper Steven Hawkins has done was about the “Multiverse”. In a nutshell, the multiverse would contain many parallel universes which are somewhat like ours, but just a bit different. Maybe even in one of these universes I left a


Beatitude are statements or lessons by jesus christ, they were layouts of how to lead a christian life. These statement, are counter-cultural to mainstream society, or human instinct. But because of these statements, the human race is forever and undeniably


There are numerous things in life that are uncertain. The uncertainty principle teaches us that in life we cannot know or even measure things exactly. An example of this is that it is physically impossible to measure or know the

Does thinking about a “multiverse” get you wondering about heaven? I wondered.

Are there multiple heavens? I don’t think I believe in the concept of multiple heavens. I am Roman Catholic and I think God wants us all to be with him in his kingdom. If we have shamed him in anyway

Cave Man Principle

Michio Kaku is an American theoretical, futurist, and popularize of science.  He is a professor at the City College of New York and CUNY Graduate Center.  One of the futurists biggest pieces of writing is called “Cave Man Principle” which

Jerks There’s always that guy/girl you know that one that smacks you in the face or punches you in the gut with their words. They can even be your friends, they may be so good at it that you’re friends

What does it mean to be human?

Humans are adaptable to thier living environments. For example, us humans can make fire. Can any other living organisms make fire? No. Fire is an excellent resource for us to use. It creates heat to keep us warm, and the


What is uncertainty? That is what we need to understand, before we think about what it teaches us. Uncertainty by definition is “the state of being uncertain”. What does this mean in your words? In my words uncertainty is where

Does thinking about a “multiverse” get you wondering about heaven? I wondered.

Yes, I think there are many heavens. I think there is one  in our atmosphere, another is in our solar system, and one more is in beyond whatever is passed outer space. I think the first one is right here

Does thinking about a “multiverse” get you wondering about heaven?

Are there multiple heavens? I think it’s whatever the individual believes in and thinks its true. For some people they might only think there’s one and and for others they might think theres up to 10 heavens. It’s what you

Cave Man Principle

Michio Kaku, is an american futurist and a theoretical physicist. He has written numerous books about physics and related topics about the future including physics of the future and the future of the mind. He talked about the caveman principle

Cave Man Principle

When you’re just walking down the street going about your day, you could catch yourself doing really simple primitive things. Like the cavemen back in the day, a regular person also needs to find food, protect themselves and have a shelter

What it means to be human

Being human means a lot of things, it ranges from our age to our consciousness. There are a lot of factors that go into this. It is not just simply that we are the human race or have human genetics, there

First Thought

Carrots do not have to ability to think things that the first hominid would have had. If carrots had that ability, then this story would be true because a carrot is about to have his first thought! Craig, an big,


The uncertainty principle is the premise behind the idea of not knowing if something is or is not to be. This principle teaches us that if we stick with God we will find a way into his beautiful kingdom called heaven. This


What does the uncertainty principle teach us? How does this relate to faith? The definition of uncertainty principle is the principle that the momentum and position of a particle cannot both be precisely determined at the same time. This relates to


1. What does the uncertainty principle teach us? How does this relate to faith?  Many things in life are uncertain. The principal tells us that there are things we cannot know or measure exactly. The principle of physics says that


The uncertainty principle teaches us that it’s impossible to measure the speed or where the electron is. The more you accurately describe one, the less accurate the other is. Even if we could accurately describe both, we are only measuring


What does the uncertainty principle teach us? How does this relate to faith? The uncertainty principle teaches us that you that there are things that we cannot know or measure exactly. This relates to our faith by a strong faith

Cave Man Princlple

The premise behind the Cave Man Principle is that we need face to face interactions to gain an actual bond with another being.  It’s one thing to see a person on a computer screen rather than see them in a

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