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The New House

There is no proof that a person exists beyond the physical level but I believe there is something more to the human, it being possible for life to exist spiritually. Although there is no proof of anything can exist spiritually

I Didn’t Start Yet……..

We all have procrastinated about something important that we had to do, sometimes disappointing other people and often disappointing ourselves. Why do we procrastinate? We procrastinate with many different aspects of our lives, homework, chores, waking up, and others. Why

Cave man principal

This narrative will have ties to my first thought narrative   An Interaction   It was a long few light cycles since Animkii experienced the light wall destroyed his home across the river he was upset about the loss but was thankful

Getting Started on Hamlet

Hamlet constantly procrastinates from his objectives, which is relatable because we all have procrastinated from things at some point or another. A common consequence of this is disappointment from our peers and ourselves in failing to do what was tasked

Easter in Greece

Greece, a country with religious easter traditions is where St. Jerome’s grade eleven and twelve students went on for their school trip. These students went on this trip over the Easter break to experience different traditions in the Greek country.

Easter in Greece

The official religion in Greece is the Greek Orthodox Church. One way of identifying the Greek Orthodox church is by looking at the flags. This church has the Greek flag and the double headed eagle hang around the entrance. Wealthier

stories the same

The Caveman Principle is a theory or concept first thought of by Michio Kaku. This theory states that we homo sapiens still think, act and desire like our caveman ancestors. The theory uses interesting examples throughout the article, even though

Easter in Greece

Greece is a religious country that are grade elevens, twelve and other parents got to go on. This trip was organized by Mr.Macmillan and Mrs. Macmillan. The classes had went there during are Easter break and they had seen how

Practice PAT 2

Importance of Being Kind Kindness. Being kind isn’t just about being nice to people. You can be kind by just saying hi, or just by waving at them. It could be about helping someone you know about yard work or

The Prospector’s Trail

Read “The Prospector’s Trail” by Cathy Jewison Page 21 from Imprints 11 Write a brief description of Roy’s personality. Do the same for Norman and Jennifer. In each case, include specific lines from the story that illustrate the character traits

Conscience; What is it?

What is Conscience? Before we even attempt to answer a question that could have multiple answers, we must first look at 1 Peter 3:16. In this bible verse it states that in keeping your conscience clear will make the people

Gaining Yardage

It is quite obvious that Arlo and the speaker are friends as there are several cases where he labels him has his friend. A good friend is someone one who is honest and trustworthy and is there when you need them. But friendship

Easter In Greece

In Greece there’s only one religion and the Greek Orthodox church starts on Holy Thursday. People all bring flowers to the church to decorate a bier that they lay the statue of Jesus on Friday they carry it through the

PAT Practice Assignment

Leadership Leadership can help people in friendly relationships. Being a leader can help you make friends or even make everyone around you seem happier in their everyday lives. When people see you as a leader they respect you more, and

poem comprehension: As in the beginning

  As in the beginning is a poem about a  man that has lost part/all of his hand in an accident. The poem is read from the perspective of a son or daughter of the man who lost his hand,

Easter in Greece

In Greece, the “Greek Orthodox Church” is Greece’s official religion. On Easter Thursday most of the Greeks bring flowers to the Church for the flower bed they lay the statue of Jesus on. On Friday the Priests decorate the bed

Faith Like Potatoes: Jeremiah 29:11

Considering Angus in the start of the movie to the end he changed quite a lot. At the beginning of the movie Angus acted like he needed no help, nor wanted anyone to help him. He acted out and got

Conscience – What is it?

Prepare yourselves, this one is a doozy. Right and Wrong, are two very objective concepts, and the conflict between what makes something Good and what makes something Bad is known as Morality. Conscience is having the ability to make decisions

Psalm 100

This psalm talks about how god is always with us. God will always be with us when we have faith, we can talk to god anytime during the day and he will be here to listen to us.this relates to

As in the Beginning

Being whole means that inside you, mentally you feel whole. You need a soul to do this. It doesn’t matter if on the outside you are in pieces it just matters on what is on the inside. Just like how if

After chapter 3 writing assignment

Bernard Marx is a shy, humble, sweet, likes to be alone… alpha plus. Bernard is quite different the the others taking place in brave new world, he does not enjoy casual sex or soma which makes him stand out. Bernard

Q/A Chapters 8-10

Has Linda adjusted to savage life? Linda hasn’t adjusted to the savages way of life because of her conditioning. On the savage reservation Lenina gets judged and whipped for sleeping with more than one guy because they can only or

Q/A Chapters 11 to 14

In England, how does Bernard take advantage of the Savage to elevate his social position. He starts holding parties for the upper caste to meet the savage which gets him more woman. The attention is shifted away from people making fun of

chapers 6/7

What was the punishment the Director had planned for Bernard? The director threatened to transfer Bernard to a Sub-Center, preferably to Iceland. 2. What effect did hearing of the planned punishment have, initially on Bernard? Once Bernard hears that’s the

What it means to be human

What does it mean to be human? Its means that all of your objective qualities, or a majority are from the human soul. Conscience to learn, further yourself and become a better human being. It means to develop yourself into

BNW chapters 1-5

1. what is the initial setting of the story? The initial setting is Central London, Hatchery and conditioning Centre. 2. What does the date A.F. represent? After Ford 3. What are the five different classes of people? Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon

The New House

What makes us unique? Distinctive? – Experiences, beliefs, genetics, body, relationships, hobbies, intelligence, personality, and goals are all things that make everyone unique and distinctive. What does it mean to be a human being? What is our human nature? – What

As in the Beginning

What makes us whole? Spiritually people can get closer to God and try to understand him better. Physically people can get to know one another better How does the tone of the poem change after the first nine lines? The


In St. Paul’s third heaven, it states that “Specifically, it has been suggested that he may be envisioning the first heaven as the “atmospheric” heaven inhabited by the birds”. The “Second heaven as the “celestial” heaven inhabited by the stars.”

Easter in Greece

In only the past 2-3 days I have learned a lot about what happens around Easter time in Greece. All of this new knowledge I have is from listening to Mr. Sader. It is all very interesting and I feel

As in the Beginning

As in the Beginning, a poem about the author’s fathers losing his hand in an accident. The author laments over their father’s accident, longing for his hands “as in the beginning”.  Despite losing a part of our body, it doesn’t

As in the Beginning

In the physical world, having scars or lost limbs would be a huge factor in destroying our wholeness and the only time you really are 100% whole is at birth but even then it’s hard to understand if you really are.

What Being Human Means

  Being human means we have rules and responsibilities so a question asking if humans are nothing more than just a higher-level animal to me seems obscured as animals do what animals do and aren’t judged or punished for their

What does it mean to be human?

There are many different charictoristic to being human that sets us apart from being and other species in the world. Being human mans you have conscience, a soul, and be able to aid and care for other humans. People are

What does it mean to be human?

To be human means to have a conscience, a soul, and care for others. Humans have the ability to connect to other humans and beings in the world. Being human is knowing whats right from wrong and doing what you

Gaining Yardage

After reading the whole poem, I’d say that they are friends. Arlo and the speaker are acting like friends so I would say that they are. It also doesn’t hurt that they talk all the time and live right next to

Gaining Yardage

The speaker and Arlo appear to be friends in this poem. It states that they grew up close to each other and would hang around together or pick beans with each other. At the end of this poem the speaker

As in the Beginning

What makes us whole? – The love of God makes us whole, He is the one that guides us towards peace, happiness, and wholeness that we all desire. Jesus healed the people that followed not the people who encountered Him.

As in the beginning

As  in the beginning is a poem created by a woman named Mary  Di Michele which retells events that indicates regret, anger and bitterness. The poem conveys a story about a person who has lost a limb, and the message

As in the Beginning

Being whole means having all our body parts, like all our fingers, hands, feet, legs, arms, brain, etc. This allows us to not be partially or even fully disabled. People want to be “whole” by this context. Rather than having

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