Month: May 2018

Easter in Greece

Easter in Greece sounds amazing, with all the stories and photos Mr. Sader told and showed the class. In Greece, there are churches every three blocks. That’s amazing there are only around ten churches in Vermilion. Just imaging how many

As In The Beginning

As in the beginning is a poem about how we feel the pain of our loved ones physically harming us.  It is about how the loss of her father’s fingers is affecting the writer. We see the utmost level of

Where Hope Grows

Why do you think the film is titled Where Hope Grows? What changes do you see in Calvin, Milt, Colt, Katie and the other characters throughout the film? Discuss how you see the growth of hope throughout the story. Who

Gaining Yardage

Gaining yardage is a poem about two teenage boys who are not your conventional sort of friends.  They do not label their relationship or discuss gossip, but they spend time with one another and share experiences.   Arlo and the

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