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On The Sidewalk Bleeding Assessment Activity: Who Am I?

Hello my name Bodyn Riley, I am a grade 9 student that currently attends the school St.Jerome’s. St.Jerome’s is a Catholic school located in Vermillion Alberta, this school extends from Kindergarten to grade 12. This essay is about my hopes

Final Reflection

At their darkest moment, Paul reminds Luke that, “Love is the only way.” What does that mean for you? When you face adversity, challenge, or hardship, how do you respond? What does it look like to cultivate Christ-like love? I

Challenges as a Christian

   There is different kinds of varieties of religion. There are some 4,300 religions of the world. Some of them are Buddhism, Cao Dai, Islam, Christianity Shinto and more. Religion connects to our faith in God. It’s like the practice

Final Reflection on Paul, Apostle of Christ

The movie, Paul, Apostle of Christ, is about the sacrifices, and the journey of Paul, Luke, and the first century Christians. Paul is imprisoned by Nero’s, the leader of Rome, soldiers in Mamertine Prison. The Mamertine Prison is being led

Write a Short Story: The Michelle I Know

Michelle broke up with Rob.

To Build a Fire – Literature Studies

In a sentence, write what you think the author’s theme is. List three examples from the story to s support your view. For each example, write a sentence that explains why it supports the author’s theme. The authors’ theme is

The Michelle I know: short story

Fake letter

Dear: Brutus   I need you to take notice of the disparity that is Julius Caesar. and what it would mean to. Through many observations of my own volition, Julius Caesar is a liar, a deceiver! Acting as though he

To Build a Fire: Essay

The story “to build a fire” is an interesting story written by Jack London. during the story “to build a fire, the character lacks any semblance of imagination. Constantly ignoring or being oblivious to sign given to him throughout the

quotable quotes

“The world, that understandable and lawful world, was slipping away.” This is a statement that perfectly foreshadows the world of ”lord of the flies” it is a very detailed quote because, of how it is entered into the story. The

Fake Letter

Dear Brutus: I write before you regarding the life of Caesar. I fear that you follow him for no reason at all. He is weak and foolish man. I saw from my own eyes that he challenged Cassius to a

War: Respond to the Story

    Whose war does the author refer to in the title? Support your view with examples from the story.   It’s the boy’s internal war with himself that later manifests as an external conflict with his dad. Neil didn’t

After Chapter 2 Critical Response: Life’s Pressures

Jack is one of the most enigmatic characters in lord of the flies. he portrays himself as a very arrogant and competitive. He has a vicious ability to identify an opportunity and capitalize on it usually at the expense of

Fake Letter

Dear Brutus,   I have chosen to write you a letter with concerns regarding your loyalty to Caesar. He does not seem to be in an adequate state to rule Rome. Caesar has shown weakness and coward like qualities. He

To Build a Fire

A man with no imagination at all traveling alone in the Yukon. “ To Build A Fire” is a short story based upon a time before technology took over the world and the environment around us, the story is located

Paul, Apostle of Christ

Many people in their darkest times have probably used evil instead of good, Even though “you can’t repay evil with evil” people still turn to it and we can’t explain why we do it. We need to keep this quote

CTS 10 bird geometric drawing

  The first step is find your favourite image to trace mine I choose a bird when you’re done finding your image you select  I used this because it looks cool for me. After tracing the image your can look at

Poster Assignment

For my second assignment, I decided to go with the motivational poster assignment. My original idea was to use an icon from one of the operators in my favorite game, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Seige, and put one of their quotes

Web Design

  This is a Combophoto I created in Illustrator. I created this by putting two different pictures together to make one.

pickle rex

I started with an image of pickle rick from the show Rick and Morty. I cut out the eyes and mouth. Then I put them image of a t-rex I fond online. I resized the eye bow and warped it

first I inserted a picture of a car from rocket league an turned it into a vector. I used the ellipse tool while holding shift to make perfect circles forming a smoke effect. then with the circle, I traced out the


I started out by finding an image off of the internet of what I wanted to put on my t-shirt. then I used the live trace tool to vectorize the image. I set the max colors to two to make

Digital Storytelling | Rush B Tshirt

For the third time, I will be making a t-shirt design, but this one has a twist, I’m actually printing it. I will be covering how I made my design, and how I printed it. Assignment link ( I started

Digital Storytelling | Rocket League Key

So in this blog, I’ll walk through how I made my Rocket League Key 3d print   So I first downloaded the files online from Thingiverse, here’s a link to the page.    After this, you upload the files

chromebook return sticker

find an appropriate background 2. edit the image to resemble the actual chromebooks we use. 3. add a white layer to block out the unneeded background of the computer 4.add the text/outcome    

Helping Make Shirts, Because it was For Marks

use this thing

Who Am I

I’m a typical teenager who loves his family, loves music, poetry and sports. I can be the nicest person you’ve ever met or I could be the opposite depending on the situation. I work and it has taught me a

Who am I

This is a story about me, Layne. I’m 6’4 and I’m 14 most people think I’m older because I’m tall. I like to travel around places and I’m active in most sports I play. I would like to be in

Give Advice to a Trusted Friend

“Make big things from small beginnings.” First Read Titus. Titus 1 Titus 2 Titus 3   The letter from Paul to Titus is very short and was written (around 66 AD) to a Church leader who did not become very

ODR life hoodie logo for CTS

First I started by making a simple white circle Then I added a another white ring around it Then I added a font Called milkshake. I had to download it to match the “ferda” logo The link below is the

Liberty walk g37 cts

 . The original picture used  this is the after product.  to change the colours of the background this is what you need to do.  In order to fine tune the ground and lights I used the brush tool.    .

Assessment Activity: Who am I

Do you always ask yourself why we have a different similarity just like the way we look the talents we have and how we respect others also of how we respect ourselves, and we can’t also tell what talents that

Who am I?

  ¨Who am I?¨ A question that many people ask themselves yet many do not have the answer to. Everyone is different in their own ways, depending on their interests, religion, weaknesses, strengths, and much more. One thing that is

Who am I

                                                                                                               by Arturious Shomachuk Who I am                       Everyone is unique and special in their own way, but this essay I will be talking about myself. What’s unique about me how I treat others and even about my personality. Myself

Who Am I?

My name is Sean Benedict Espiritu, I live in a small town called Vermilion. The school I currently attend to is St. Jerome’s, a Catholic school which includes the grades from Kindergarten to the twelfth grade. I have enjoyed doing

On The Sidewalk Bleeding Assessment Activity: Who Am I?

Who am I? This question deep yet small. I believe this question is hard to answer without clear objectives. The following are some of the questions that are important. What makes you unique? What are your strengths and talents? What

The Logic of Christianity

     If our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?  As Christians we live by God’s promise. To continue on our daily lives knowing our real purpose here on earth and help other lost souls that

Assessment Activity: Who Am I?

Aye, It’s Me   There are some days in my life, where I’ve asked myself; who am I? That in this world full of people in different aspects, what is my match to them? What makes me unique, different from

On The Sidewalk Bleeding- Who Am I?

Who Am I? I consider myself to be quite simple. I love to play sports and eat whatever is in the fridge. I am also quite different from my friends, in the sense that I come to school in cowboy

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