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color change

I used the air brush and made it and used it the the biggest size at 1280 with a hardness of 025. 2. Then I used the bucket tool in black and made all the layers of green outside of

GIMP Photoshopping – How To Make a “Find The 6 Differences” Picture

Some people think puzzles are fun, others, well… Not so much. But finding six differences in a picture can sometimes be easy OR hard, but mine is BOTH! All I really needed to do for this assignment was change color

GIMP Photoshopping – (BONUS ROUND – BeFunky) How To Make Your Own Bucket List Collage

For my final post about GIMP photoshopping, unfortunately, GIMP isn’t actually capable of creating collages, so, therefore, I used a website called “BeFunky” to get the job done. On my own bucket list, I found what I wanted to do

Multiply Yourself

The background image for my photoshop: The image being added into the background: Step 1: Open Application “GIMP 2.10” Step 2: Open a new image Process: Right click on anywhere around the screen of GIMP and hover over “File >”

The Problem of Evil

Joanna Hayder Roman Catholic 25 Dec 11, 19   The Problem of Evil   Existence of evil is arguably the best objection to God we can have. Facing evil can often be the greatest test of our faith. People do

Color Changer

ORIGINAL IMAGE Step 1: Open up “GIMP 2.10″, right-click anywhere on the screen and open the image that you have chosen to color change. > Step 2: Right-click anywhere on the screen again, hover over the “Colors >” Tab and

How to make a Corporal Works of Mercy poster using Gimp

Step 1: Open Gimp 2.10   Step 2: Find the image that you would like to use   Step 3: Open a new layer (Hint: File – New)   Step 4: Open the image that you choose as a new

Inkscape Logo Design Tutorial

  More Inkscape Tutorials

Inkscape Explained

Inkscape Explained

Turn Photos Into Logos with Gimp

  More Gimp Tutorials  

GIMP Photoshopping – How To Color Change Images

Where I got the original image. The original image is a 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport: The second image was used with an editing process called “curves”. This allows me to change the brightness of the image:   The third

How to colour change an image using Gimp

Step 1: Open up Gimp 2.10   Step 2: Choose a picture to use   Step 3: Open the image in Gimp  (Hint: File ? Open)   Step 4: Duplicate the Layer  (Hint: Layer ? Duplicate Layer)   Step 5:

6 Differences Visual Comp Assignment

Where I got the original image. The unaltered image:   Can you spot the difference?   Answer Key Removed mouse hole Replaced soccer ball with  a volleyball Removed spilled coffee Changed the colour of the desk to match the

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