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Digital Assignments

I play video game quite a bit and one of my most liked classics has to be Halo, which is why I would enjoy to create a small Halo Human Helmet.    

The Awful Burden of the Unsolved Riddles of Existence.

  The Awful Burden of the Unsolved Riddles of Existence.   Us humans have many questions and decisions that we make without even knowing what they are.  What we wear in the morning, what to eat for breakfast and sometimes

Signs of Intelligence In the Bible

There are many signs of intelligence including some of these Set A Luke 10:38-42     Summary:      Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to what he was saying.  Mary sat listening to the Lord while Martha (Mary’s sister) did

Commandments of the Church

Today I learned that there are more than just the 10 commandments of the church but it turns out there are also 5 more commandments.  The first commandments are what everyone can find but the other five aren’t as known

Fr. Joy’s First visit

Today was the first day that the grade 9’s of St. Jerome met Father Joy.  He talked about many things in the forty minutes he had.  In fact, he talked much more than just religion but he also talked about


Another day another Myblueprint survey.  Today’s survey was about motivation and the types of jobs you should look for.  I found that I should look for a job that makes me feel like I’ve achieved something or where I should


Another day another survey,  my blueprint to be exact. Today I took another myblueprint survey but today’s subject was knowledge telling me about which subject areas I have a finer capability of doing.    The first career it told me about

The Ten Commandments

I am the LORD your God: you shall not have strange Gods before me. You shall have only have the Lord your God. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain. You shall keep the

My Interests

Today I did a survey on myblueprint.  it tells me that I am a person who is artistic, and I create photos in my head that I make into reality.  I agree with this.  It also says im a hands-on

the tenth comandment

The Tenth Commandment thy shall not covet anything of thy neighbors means that you shall not want anything of the neighbors like a neighbors wife or tv or house. Most of the time it is the people who are poor

My Personality

I have a lot of personality traits that make me, me as you can see in the rest of this post.   In my first column, I am just past the center meaning I’m about 50% of each, this means

My Learning Styles

One of my learning styles is visual meaning that I like to see what I’m doing, read instructions, and read over schoolwork, books, and read theory. I believe that I’m a visual learner because of my reading, and being able

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