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The Awful Burden Of The Unsolved Riddles of Existence

This topic of Awful Burden Unsolved Riddles will never be solved. The reason I came to this conclusion is that every time you think you have solved it there is another thing you need to figure out to move on, 

Multiple Signs of Intelligence in the Bible Part 2

2 examples of the importance and/or value of musical intelligence 3 people who are word smart 2 people who use logical intelligence 2 people whose understanding of Jesus is rooted in the intelligence of relationships 1 person who is self

Multiple Signs of Intelligence in the Bible Part 1

Question set A   Luke 10:38-42     Summary:      Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to what he was saying.  Mary sat listening to the Lord while Martha (Mary’s sister) did work. Martha wanted Mary’s help to do the

Commandments of the Church

If your a member of the Church there are some commandments that the Church encourages you to follow. Number 1 being, You shall attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days and rest from servile labor. Holydays in the Church

Father Joy’s first visit

Today I met the new priest of our Catholic Church. His name is father joy, he will be teaching us about God. Before father Joy came to Vermilion he was in Edmonton working at St. Theresa, Catholic parish. Father Joy


I have many motivations as I am deciding what to do with my life. I have many achievements and I would love to have many more in time to come.  I am a very hard worker, I have to work


I have a great understanding of what profession I would like to join, it would be Education or a Fitness trainer. I think I would be good in that profession because I love sports, and always being active. I may

The Ten Commandments

1. I am the LORD your God: you shall not have strange Gods before me. Only have 1 true God in your life. 2. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain. You shall be


I have lots of different things I enjoy to do. I love playing sports such as hockey, baseball, volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Lot’s of people that know me might think I just like sports but I have lots of other

10 Commandment

God says to help the poor. There are lots of ways to help the poor, and people in today society don’t give up enough to help the poor.  People who are wealthy can give money to the poor which is


So my personality. Well, I like to joke around a lot and always love having fun, but that is not my whole personality. I’m a person who doesn’t like to put things off. I like to get my work done


My Learning Styles

I like to learn through experiments and hands-on work. The reason I like learning doing projects and doing examples is that you can see how it is done and then I can practice other examples, and then within a few

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