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The Problem of Evil

Evil is not a thing, but a choice. The problem of evil is the most serious problem in the world and the one serious objection to the existence of God. More people have abandoned their faith because of the problem

Web Design

  This is a Combophoto I created in Illustrator. I created this by putting two different pictures together to make one.

Important Qualities of a Political Leader

The important qualities of a Political Leader are Honesty, Professionalism, Charisma, Responsibility and Strength. It is good for a political leader to be honest with everyone around him because it will build. Being honest may also be difficult for the

The New House

What makes us unique? Distinctive? – Experiences, beliefs, genetics, body, relationships, hobbies, intelligence, personality, and goals are all things that make everyone unique and distinctive. What does it mean to be a human being? What is our human nature? – What

As in the Beginning

What makes us whole? – The love of God makes us whole, He is the one that guides us towards peace, happiness, and wholeness that we all desire. Jesus healed the people that followed not the people who encountered Him.

Gaining Yardage

Are Arlo and the speaker friends? – I would say that Arlo and the speaker are friends even though the speaker says that the word friend never came up became them. He said that they would hang together, pick rocks

Does thinking about a “multiverse” get you wondering about Heaven?

Saint Paul envisioned that the first Heaven is the sky that is populated by the birds, and the second Heaven is the universe that is populated by the stars. Then the third Heaven meaning being caught up to the presence


1. What does the uncertainty principle teach us? How does this relate to faith?  – The Uncertainty principle teaches us that even though we can not know or measure something exactly, doesn’t that it does not exists, which is faith.

First Thought

At some point in human history someone thought geeze i shouldn’t have done that

Cave Man Principle

Social interactions is the discussion between two or more individuals and is the Participation in the regeneration of all creation

What is means to be Human

What it means to be human means having these objective qualities that are true at all times. God created humankind in his own image, male and female. God made us rational and free and capable of feelings and passion. We are

My Father is a Simple Man

Can life really be compared to an orange? Yes because some people live life so simply, and oranges never end or change which means that they are pretty simple to me. Does education make someone a “scholar”? Education can make

Postulates of Faith Discussion

1. Can something come from nothing?   Nearly all things need a reason to exist. It’s possible that some things exist because they must exist, they can’t be anything other than what they are. The mathematical truth 2 + 2 =


Counter-culture means a way of life and set of attitudes opposed to or at variance with the prevailing social norm. The Beatitudes are counter-culture because they describe the spirit of the one who lives in the Person of Christ, a life of faith

Friendship Tableau

Portray a scene in which all are friends in the group and they are all enjoying doing the same thing together. – I would enjoy spending time with my friends in this way because we are doing something together that

Mankind has a decisive need for …

Revive Retreats by Pure Witness are an invitation for youth to get to know Jesus in a very personal way.  Through the witness of missionaries, students are  invited to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  He is relevant to our lives,

Qualities of Friendship

Joyful – I look for a friend who is Joyful because if I´m feeling upset or down that friend will be their to cheer me up with their happy attitude. Their joyfulness will have a have positive affect on me and

If we could see inside others’ hearts …

In this video the camera shows an inner look at the many lives in a hospital. As we see them going about their daily lives it shows that some that are happy, excited, worried, tired and sad. The video was

How to create a “Shared Human Experience”

A shared human experience is when you look at something through someone else’s perspective, whether it´s an object or a feeling. The shared experiences provide the interface to align the differences and find the point where these differences can complement

VIBE Pink Shirt Logo Contest

Happy Camper

There are many typical problems teens face these days like body image, pointing out the flaws of there own and comparing it to others, and not seeing that everyone has flaws but only seeing them in themselves. Adults always say and think about

Dream List

The video we watched was all about being motivated. Mark talked what he wanted on his grave stone, which was, loving husband, devoted father and teacher. He said that he is not a motivational speaker but a teacher. Some people

VIBE Menu Visual

Stop Counting Crayons

1. Explain “Share vs Compare.” Sharing is have a portion of something divided with another or others, and Comparing is estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between two things or people.   2. Explain why AP coloring in Grade 2

Simple Ways to Share

Becoming the Driver in my life

1. How would you describe the differences between a driver and a passenger during the high school years?- – The difference is that the driver is someone who doesn’t care what others think about them and they enjoy every second

Kari was Here (Oct 23)

When Kari was here, she showed us two clips from a video by Mark Scharenbroich which was about being a driver not a  passenger. That means to be a driver you shouldn’t  care what others think about you and that

Compatibility: Occupation Matches

I took several Occupation University quizzes on My blueprint which were the Veterinary, Rehabilitation Doctor, Animal Scientist and Surgeon occupations. My top occupation was the Veterinary occupation, I got an 82% on that pick. Veterinarians care for the health of animals


I took the Motivation quiz on My Blueprint and found out that my top Motivation Factor is working conditions. It means I want to work somewhere amazing. It could be somewhere with excellent benefits, a high salary, job security or fantastic


I took the Knowledge quiz on My Blueprint and found out that my top subject areas are both physical education and language arts which I got 72%. Physical education courses help you understand and appreciate a healthy and active lifestyle. Topics may include:

Dream Job

My Dream Job is too become a Veterinarian, I have have been thinking about it since grade 2 when we had career day. I am also interested in this career choice because I would love too work with animals and

Login to My Blueprint (useful sections)

In my blueprint, there is many useful things that could be useful for high school. There is a course plan for grade 10, which includes 2 goals for the year and suggested programs/occupations for when you graduate. On the side

My Community

A community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. My community is my Family, Neighborhood and hometown. Family is one of the biggest and most important parts of my life,

Around the world, animal lovers are helping Fido and Fluffy find a home I found this article interesting because I love animals and I think that its right to give all animals home, and I know that they don’t deserve to not a love and caring home. We recorded this article using

“I Am” poem

I am strong and smart I wonder if the world will ever change I hear the ocean waves at night I see the light of morning I want to break free I am strong and smart I pretend to understand

Making Decisions

My decision that I made a while ago was when I asked my parents if I could take my iPad on the ski trip they said no but it was up to me to make the decision. I did end

3 Day Sleep Challenge (Day 3)

My name is Hannah Black and the I did the third day of this sleep challenge on Thursday February 9th. That day I started getting ready for bed at 9:00 and went to bed at 9:45. I got about 9

3 Day Sleep Challenge (Day 2)

My name is Hannah Black I did Day 2 of my 3 day sleep challenge on Wednesday February 8th. That day started started getting ready for bed at about 9:15 and got into bed at 9:30 and fell asleep soon

3 Day Sleep Challenge ( Day 1)

My name is Hannah Black and the I started this sleep challenge on Tuesday February 7th. That day I started getting ready for bed at 9:00 and went to bed at 9:15 but didn’t fall asleep till about 10:00. I

Making Decisions

I try to make decisions by choosing whats best for me and others around me.  A good decision is when you choose something more important over something less important. A bad decision is when you choose something less important over

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