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Layer Mask

I added both of the pictures i found on the internet first.     I then changed the scale layer of the picture of the dog by right-clicking on it using the mouse. I added the layer mask of the

Riddle of existence Essay

Why are there are a lot of people that are curious about whatever is happening in this world? Can you doubt that you exist in this world? Does everything depend on everything? Do we control technology or does technology control

The Commandments of the Church

We all should attend the Holy Mass every Sunday. It also helps us learn more about god. We all should attend the church to confess our sins at least once a year. Confessing to God could help you from your

Signs of Intelligence

    Task 1 Set A Luke 10:38-42 What does Mary do?  Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to what he was saying.  Mary sat listening to the lord while martha (mary’s sister) did work. Martha wanted

Fr Joy’s first visit

Father Joy first told us that he came from Kerala, India it is a state in India. It is also the thirteenth-largest Indian state by population. He told us that it like having all of the populations in Canada in


My primary motivation factor is an achievement.  An achievement is something that has been accomplished or something that has been completed through effort.  Every time I am driven by Achievement I look for ways to be done something I am


My top subject area is Science, the second is creative arts and the third is business. Science courses help me develop your understanding of basic scientific concepts and how they relate to other parts of your life. Topics may include

The Ten Commandments

  I am the LORD your God: you shall not have strange Gods before me. You shall honor God as a creator  2. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain. You shall always show


I am the Pioneer. I have two primary interests Artistics and Investigative. Even if a new idea was around for I am able to do something new with it. My need for self-expression and my active imagination are usually fueled

The 10th commandment

  I can help the poor by teaching them the way the god works and giving them hope and giving them the supports they need.  Donating food and fundraising for the poor and homeless. you can also help by donating

Personality (survey)

    Personality survey test I am ESTJ (the supervisor). I do not really tend to be outgoing, but i do like being in a large group or when working as part of the team.   I do like socializing and


Who am I? (learning styles survey)

I am 46% visual learner I like to learn by reading quietly and looking at what we learned. I like to write detailed notes about what we learned so that I can read it and learn it. I sometimes make

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