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Give Advice to a Trusted Friend

Question 1= A worthy church leader consists of good church behavior,  not addicted to anything, knows how to run the church, knows about god and is pleasant to EVERYONE. Question 2=   Some people say if you are Christian than you


1. Why is it call Advent? Advent is called advent because it is celebrating the return of Jesus and it means coming. 2. What dates are the Sundays of Advent in 2019? December 1, December 8, December 15, December 22.

The awful burden of the unsolved riddles of existence

I think the unsolved riddles of existence are very confusing.  The fact that gravity is gravity and what it does, and how the sky is blue and why colors are colors. I often think of these things when there no

The Commandments of the Church

The  Comandment of the Church were commandments that the church made.  They made these commandets to help other people attend church and help it. They also made these commandmets to bind people closer to faith. The  Commandments of the Church

Father Joy’s First Visit

Father Joy had a lot to say today.  He talked about where he came from and how he got here.  The first thing is he came from India from a province named Kerala.  He said in his home country has


For motivation, I am a support and independence motivator.  This means that I seek out tools, education, and support from others to help me get the task done. SUPPORT means: I agree with or approve of somebody sometimes showing approval


I am Technical and Trades.  This means I like to know about physical education and technical trades.  The technical trades means that I like to create or design different products or designs.  The physical side is that I would like

The Ten Commandmets

There are Ten Commandments that we should follow in this life.  Not all people in the world follow the ten commandments but should. The first commandment is: I am the Lord your God, you shall not have strange names before


My two interest rates are artistic and realistic.  I like to do stuff realistically and artistically.  Like in sports I like to change it up and in music, I like it real. 

The 10th commandment

. The Tenth Commandment says you shall not covet.  Believe it or not, people all around the world do it all the time.  This happens on a daily basis.  Children and teens tend to do it the most.  Instead of

Learning Styles

I am a Visual-Auditory Learner. I learn by listening, hearing, seeing, and looking. I study by talking with others, listen to recorded media, underline or highlight the main idea in my notes, use flashcards to sort concepts, and study in


My personality is ENFP (The  Champion). I am: Comfortable in groups Enjoy socializing with others sees big pictures inventive anstract thinker caring able to keep options going able to “go with the flow”


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