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The Problem of Evil

Evil does not exist as a thing.  A thing is either created by the creator or the creator himself.  God did not create evil, it is just a byproduct of humans having free choice.  As humans we either get to


Jessica sighed as Bella screamed in Jaxons ear and cried over her spilled chocolate milk. Jessica reached over to the crying toddler and tried to quiet her. She looked over at her other child, Jaxon, and sighed again as he

The Michelle I Know

Beast From the Water

“You ought to die before you let the fire out” – Ralph What would you die for?  A question that many kids of the ages 5-12 would not really be able to answer with a deep water thought.  In the

Political Leaders

There are many different qualities that a political leader must have.  The leader should be honest with the people who follow them and should not lie to them about what he is going to do if he is in power. 


1. What does the uncertainty principle teach us? How does this relate to faith? The uncertainty principle teaches us that it is possible to believe in a faith or not or you can not have a faith at all and

The New House

One of the questions this poem asks is if people exist beyond physical presence.  Yes  think that people do exist beyond a physical presence and as most Catholics do I believe that we never stop existing as souls.  Once our

Gaining Yardage

Are Arlo and the speaker friends? At the start of the poem the speaker and Arlo are farm neighbors and the word friends never really came up between them.  At the end of the poem Arlo and the speaker become

As In The Beginning

What makes us whole? Being whole means you are the happiest and healthiest you can be at that point in time and have a god quality of life.  If you lose your limbs but you are still getting paid that

How Many Heavens

Everyone has different beliefs when it comes to heaven and hell and nobody really knows what the correct answer is.  Heaven is also sometimes known as a sky not just where you go once your soul leaves your body.  Not

First Thought

One morning as I rose out of my bed and looked out the front of my cave, I kept thinking and thinking bout the dream I had that night.  It was an unusual dream then all of my other ones

Cave Man Principle

Michio Kaku is an American theoretical, futurist, and popularize of science.  He is a professor at the City College of New York and CUNY Graduate Center.  One of the futurists biggest pieces of writing is called “Cave Man Principle” which

My Father is a Simple Man

Oranges and life do not seem like they would be related at all but they may mean more than you think when thinking deeply about it.  Oranges have seeds which means they are perpetual, humans have souls therefore we are

What it Means to be Human.

Rocks, carrots, bunny’s, and Humans all have different objective qualities.  Some of them are alive some of them are inert and some of them can reproduce.  Yet the Human system is so much more than that of a rock or

Postulates of Faith

Can Something Come From Nothing? Yes something can most definitely come from nothing because everything on this universe has either always been here or came from nothing. Does God exist? Yes God most definitely does exist.  None of our spirits

Friendship Tableau

Portraying scenes is hard but portraying scenes without talking is even harder.  Last week our class got split up into groups and each group had to present a scene in front of the whole class about what was on their

Pure Witness, Revive Retreat

Revive Retreats are different from all other speeches about Jesus and God.  They do not sit there and lecture you about God for two hours straight they try to make it fun for themselves and others watching. Singing was one


Counter-culture came up in the revive retreat last week but many people do not really know what the meaning of that word is.  Counter-culture is a way of life and set of attitudes opposed to or at variance with the


One day as I was walking home from school I passed an older girl walking the opposite way as me with a friend.  As usual I was walking by myself as my house is only a few blocks away from

Qualities of Friendship

There are many different qualities people look for when looking for a friend to spend their quality time with.  For many this might be trustworthy, pretty, gentle, a good listener, and many more to go along with those.  Personally for

See Inside Others Hearts

Shared Human experience

Empathy is an important part of our everyday lives.  Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can really change how you feel about them and you may understand them better and why they do things the way they do.   You can

Dream list

Mark started his presentation by saying he is a teacher not a motivational speaker.  The difference is that all motivational speakers tell you the exact same things. Mark is not a motivational speaker because a football coach is exactly like

Teens today

What is wrong with saying, “What’s wrong with teens today?” “What is wrong with teens today” is a familiar phrase that seems to come out of the older generation quite often.  They seem to think that technology has taken over

Dream Menu

pink shirt

Simple Ways to Share

Stop Counting Crayons

-Explain “Share vs Compare.” Share vs compare means instead of comparing what other have compared to what you have ask them to share like if they have the nicest car ever ask them “hey can I go for  a ride


Occupation Matches

After taking a few surveys about different occupations I think I have a good outline on what I want to be when I am older.  I took 4 surveys.  The surveys I took were to become a personal trainer, a sports


I took the motivation survey at my blueprints and my main motivation is working conditions.  My secondary motivation is support from peers or parents.  Independence is my third factor for motivation.  Independence is important to me because I like being


Everyone has a subject they look forward to during the school day and everyone’s is different.  Personally my favorite subject is gym.  You can find a career through physical education through many different jobs.  You could be a personal trainer, 

My Dream Job

Since I was little I have had many professions I wanted to be.  Fireman, doctor, astronaut, and hair dresser were all in the running for what I wanted to be.  Out of all those there is one that has been

My Blueprint

When I logged back into my blueprints I looked around and found an activity called “plan courses for grade 10.”   I think that would be one of the most important activities for me since I am heading into grade


Community is an important role in everyone’s lives.  Many things are part of your community including your family, your school, the clubs you’re in, and your town all influence you as part of your community.  Everyone has a role to


I chose this article because I find 9/11 a very interesting topic to talk and read about.  9/11 is a historical event that affected hundreds of people in the world and went on to effect people in other countries because

History of 9/11 Attacks

I Am

I am energetic and outgoing I wonder how the world came to existence I hear loud breathing I see people talking I want to play hockey I am energetic and outgoing I pretend to like school  I feel happy I

What Have I Signed Up For?

The sites I have signed up for that are helpful towards school assignments are google classroom, and iblog.  These sites are very useful towards my work and help my succeed in school. No I did not know it linked me

Hungry for Change

sugar is like cocaine, it addictive and makes people want more. They use sugar in everything (except water). People want sugar, companies use it to sell more and make more money. People crave sugar it is neccassary for people to

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