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My name is Kaiden Chase and i'm a student at St.Jeromes Catholic School.

The Problem of Evil

Evil is not a thing, but is a choice. God gives us choice and allows us to express ourselves and when we as humans take advantage of that right and choose evil over the word of God, it frustrates God

The Reasons to Believe

Morals are something every human being has and is born with. God has given that to us as individuals hoping that we will eventually encounter them and add them to our own set of values and beliefs. Morals and beliefs/values

Fake Letter

Dear Brutus,   I have chosen to write you a letter with concerns regarding your loyalty to Caesar. He does not seem to be in an adequate state to rule Rome. Caesar has shown weakness and coward like qualities. He

To Build a Fire

A man with no imagination at all traveling alone in the Yukon. “ To Build A Fire” is a short story based upon a time before technology took over the world and the environment around us, the story is located


I believe the author’s theme to this book is survival. This idea is used throughout the book and is shown by the man presented by the author. The man goes to great lengths to attempt survival and he shows he


My grandmother had always been special to me, but I never knew just how special her life lessons were until long after she had passed away.   From the time I was a little kid, my grandmother had taught me


Unwanted I looked down at the silver tree shaped scar on my arm. I had had it since I was 5, and although I couldn’t remember getting it, it still brought me great pain and sorrow. The window to my

After Chapter 5: “Quotable Quote”

After reviewing “Beast from the Water” from “Lord of the Flies” I have realized there are many great quotes and topics I could share with you today. I have found a quote that I believe will take my mind into the

Chapter 1 Questions

A wild group of boys are stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere during the 1950’s. The island has very thick forest and is very hot and humid. With the intense heat, the island also offers plentiful fruit

Important Qualities of a Political Leader

Honesty is key when leading a country/area. Many people may believe that honesty can show weakness or it makes many individuals vulnerable but I believe honesty builds credibility and trust which is the foundation of a great relationship with people. When

Easter in Greece

Easter in Greece has very many similar aspects that Easter in Canada has but, they also have a wide variety of traditions that we as Canadians don’t part take in during the Easter season. The Easter season in Greece is about the fasting

As in the Beginning

What does it mean to be whole? It can mean several things to be whole but, in this context, I believe it means we are part of the group and fulfilled with everything that life has thrown at us. When we

Gaining Yardage

They both don’t believe they are friends but, in reality, they are really close friends who share lots of stories with each other. Someone becomes a good friend when you know you can rely on them for anything. When having

Is there a multi-universe?

Is there such thing as a multi-universe? That’s what we are asking today. Some people may believe there is one or even no heavens floating above us but, some people believe there are several heavens above us. Even though I

The New House

This poem is full of soothing words and truthful words. This poem’s title is insinuating that we as people of God will leave our physical body and enter a realm of happiness and joy with God at our side. Many people


The uncertainty principle is the premise behind the idea of not knowing if something is or is not to be. This principle teaches us that if we stick with God we will find a way into his beautiful kingdom called heaven. This

Cave Man Princlple

The premise behind the Cave Man Principle is that we need face to face interactions to gain an actual bond with another being.  It’s one thing to see a person on a computer screen rather than see them in a

My Father is a Simple Man

The premise behind the idea that oranges can be compared to life is full of many truth. “We too will come back like the orange trees.” My sensing behind this phrase is that we as a species of God have

What does it mean to be human?

Many humans have different wants and outcomes to their life story. For a priest, it might be to devote their entire life to our Lord and savior but, for a businessman, it might be to expand his capital and make more

Something from Nothing

Can something come from nothing? For the people who are doubting God, they just need to use their head and think about how the world started. If you put a firecracker on a table and left it forever, it’s not just


When referring to counter-culture it means a subculture whose values and ideas are substantially different than mainstream society’s. A counter-cultural movement expresses the ethos and aspirations of a specific population during a well-defined era. A well-defined era might be a war, a political

Friendship Tableau

I love playing hockey and even better hanging in the dressing room and talking about funny stories. Even though some us get ready different ways before a game, we still enjoy each others company and friendship. It’s important that we stay together

Revive my Heart

Pure Witness is a group of people dedicated to challenging Catholics to become pure witnesses of their faith by setting Christ at the heart of their lives. They believe they can set the world on fire by spreading the word of God

Qualities of a Friendship

A friendship is a sacred bond between two beings that is a very strong and can’t be broken very easily. When a bond is created it’s a very warm feeling knowing that you can go through tough times knowing that a friend

Interactions- Kaiden Chase

When we show others that we are phlegmatic, we don’t have the same connection with other homo sapiens as we should. When we as people of this soil are showing pejorative behavior, this leads to a chain reaction of unpleasant people having

Instructions for a Bad Day

We all live a different version of the same reality Ex. what your purple looks like may differ from what mine looks like. This is the only reality we will ever experience and know for our entire life. It is

Happy Camper – No Cheese

Teens face many struggles into today’s present age. They face the fear of being humiliated, not enough followers on social media, the way they look etc. For my generation, there are not very many great examples happy campers. What does a


As Mark Scharenbroich sees it, he’s not a motivational speaker, as other people might describe him as that. Mark describes himself as a teacher to the people around him. Motivational speakers really touch Mark but that still doesn’t make him one.

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Stop Counting Crayons and Start Coloring a Picture

1. Explain “Share vs Compare.” Sharing means be happy for other people and be thankful for the things you have. Comparing is when you at what you have and then you look at others have and you compare. When you

Keri Was Here October 23

Compatibility: Occupation Matches

After taking three occupation compatibility tests I concluded that these surveys aren’t reading me correctly. I believe I should be using my math skills for my career and not wasting it on something else that I don’t excel at. The

Incentive for Success- Kaiden Chase

I want to make a lasting mark on the people around me. I can obtain this by treating people with respect and integrity. This will lead to people treating me with the respect I deserve and I should earn that respect from

Knowledge Survey- Kaiden Chase

After taking the Knowledge survey on I discovered that I should look more into other occupations rather than just my “dream jobs.” This knowledge filled survey led me to believe that I should keep looking into other professions and one

Desired Occupation- Kaiden Chase

Mike Lupica  has really inspired me to find my dream job and I hope I can achieve the goal of pursuing one of my desired occupations. One of my desired careers is an architect just because of the math behind

My People- Kaiden Chase

     A community is a group of people in the same area sharing a particular characteristic in common. Each community is different in it’s own little unique way. Community to me is going to my neighbors driveway and clearing

Ice hockey: U.S. sports seek Las Vegas jackpot

I found this article very interesting because I am very drawn towards hockey. This article really focuses on how this expansion team will be better for the league. I believe that this team will lead to more gambling problems within

I am – Kaiden Chase

I am athletic and funny I wonder if we actually landed on the moon I hear me hitting a dinger over the fence I see my Dad’s grey hairs I want to be in the NBA I am athletic and

Topic 1 Risks and Decision making

  Outcomes: W-8.1 Examine the relationship between choices and resulting consequences; e.g., how choosing to smoke affects how one looks, feels and performs. W-8.6 Analyze possible negative consequences of substance use and abuse; e.g., Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, drinking and driving.

Gupta’s Health

I make decisions by looking  at my choices. My decision making process doesn’t always consist of the same things. I don’t think I am very good at making the right decision for me always. But , I will always strive

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