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The Problem Of Evil

The article about the problem of evil outlines the most serious problem and the one serious objection to the existence of God. When Thomas Aquinas wrote his great, Summa Theologica, he could only find two objections for the existence of

To Build a Fire: Essay

The Yukon, the Klondike Gold Rush, Dawson’s Creek, all in the era of 1896. Jack London sets the setting of cold winter months, in the Yukon, of a young man traveling solo. Within the short story, there are supporting details

To Build a Fire: Research – Gather Facts

First Large settlement in Yukon: Dawson’s city was the first large settlement in the Yukon. It was founded by George Mercer Dawson who at the time was the founder of the Geological Survey Of Canada and was the leader of

To Build a Fire – Literature Studies: Short Story Theme

I think that the authors theme is about a man who decides to travel alone in a hostile environment and the power of nature is greater than man himself. 1. When the man decided to build a fire underneath a

To Build a Fire – Respond to the Story

The author writes of the main character, “The trouble with him was that he was without imagination.” Why would it be important to have imagination living and traveling in a harsh climate? What other characteristics or qualities does the man

The Michelle I Know – Short Story

The Significant Change The waiting room was crowded that even an elephant couldn’t fit anywhere in the room. It seemed like one of the busiest days in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, except for it wasn’t any special day of the

The Michelle I Know – Story Craft

The Michelle I Know – Response Questions

Who is the hero in this story? Explain why you think so. I believe that Claude is the hero in this story because like Michelle he has also suffered from leukemia. He knows what it feels like and he talks

After chapter 4 Crossword

     Conch shell  : used as a symbol of power by Ralph (chapter 1) Johnny : first little boy to be found, only has one clean pink thumb Surmounted : to overcome a great obstacle(pg 26) Suffusion : something

After Chapter 5: “Quotable Quote”

Piggy’s quote – Life is scientific (page 90) Within the book, Lord Of The Flies, numerous quotes have been mentioned based on events that have been happening throughout the novel. Piggy brings up a specific quote that really makes our

Important qualities of political leaders

The qualities between a political leader vary’s for the reason being that all leaders have different aspects, views and opinions about how to lead a country. For one being honest and trustworthy is a huge quality. Experience is another key

Easter in Greece

Greece, a country with religious easter traditions is where St. Jerome’s grade eleven and twelve students went on for their school trip. These students went on this trip over the Easter break to experience different traditions in the Greek country.

As in the beginning

Us as humans are a whole. We adapt to changes such as the weather. It starts to get warm and all of a sudden it starts snowing. That is an adaptation in which makes us a whole. Interacting with one

The New House

The souls within people is what makes up the person and how they believe in what happens when the time comes. In my opinion, people do exist beyond a physical presence. When you pass away, your soul stays in physical

Gaining Yardage

Arlo and the speaker didn’t classify themselves as friends in the beginning of the poem but more as just farm neighbours who hung around together.  As the poem continued, The two guys play football together, and one night when they

Does thinking about a “multiverse” get you wondering about heaven? I wondered.

The main question is “are there multiple heavens? Numerous will state that there is one and only one Heaven but others will disagree. A few people will only go by things they may hear from the Bible while others will


There are numerous things in life that are uncertain. The uncertainty principle teaches us that in life we cannot know or even measure things exactly. An example of this is that it is physically impossible to measure or know the

Cave Man Principle

Michio Kaku, is an american futurist and a theoretical physicist. He has written numerous books about physics and related topics about the future including physics of the future and the future of the mind. He talked about the caveman principle

First Thought

Carrots do not have to ability to think things that the first hominid would have had. If carrots had that ability, then this story would be true because a carrot is about to have his first thought! Craig, an big,

What Does It Mean To Be Human

As a class we took time to discuss the question “what it means to be a human.” We talked about the difference between objective and subjective qualities. There are objective qualities of rocks. For example, qualities that a rock holds.

My Father Is A Simple Man

The real question is, Can life really be compared to an orange? There may be numerous answers but in my view it can. Life can be compared to an orange because as quoted in the poem “He’s sure I’ll be

The So-Called Friends

The lunch bell had rung, and as Julie was walking down the hall to meet up with her friends for lunch, a classmate pulled her aside. He said that her friends had gone for lunch without her and told Julie


Counter-culture is a group in which the values and norms of behavior run counter to those of mainstream society. A counter-cultural movement expresses the ethos or a specific population during a defined era. Counter-cultures trigger dramatic cultural changes. Some era times

Postulates of Faith Discussion

“Can something really come from nothing at all”? This question is asked throughout time and numerous medieval philosophers have created arguments about this subject and there were two possible hypothesis’s and then a the conclusion that sums up all the

Friendship Tableau

A tableau or tableau vivant is in French culture called a “living picture”.  In this type of presentation, the actors take a position and no movement occurs for 30 seconds. As the students are frozen, they try to portray the main message of a

Mankind has a decisive need for …

On February 12, 2018, 7 members of a team called Pure Witness held a retreat in our gym for the afternoon. The retreat was called “revive retreat”. The leaders helped us strengthen our faith and become closer to Jesus. Revive

Qualities of Friendship

Friendship is a huge part of your life and who you are. In a friendship, a healthy relationship between you and your friend(s) is very important. In life you will encounter numerous amounts of different people each having different characteristics.

If we could see inside others’ hearts …

In my visual, there is a quote “don’t judge a book by its cover“. This quote is an inspiring quote because it shows that you should never judge someone based on their insecurities. The rest of the visual is showing

How to create a “shared human experience?

How do we create a “shared human experience“? When we hear  a shared experience we automatically think it’s seeing, hearing, or doing the same thing as someone else. If you thought that then you are right.  Although it’s a simple

Dream List

Motivation is an impulse or action that drives you and others to act in a way that you accomplish goals. When Keri had come in she showed us a Mark Shake-n-bake about being motivated. In the film, Mark had talked about

Vibe “Goal” Menu

Happy Camper

Back in the day, the older generations will forever be talking about what is wrong with our younger generation. The older generation never did take into thought that maybe there is nothing wrong with our generation, as it might be

Stop Counting Crayons

1. Explain “Share vs Compare.” Instead of comparing what you have and what they have, share instead of comparing what you have and they don’t or the other way around. An example of sharing is crayons. When your in grade

Simple Ways To Share

Becoming the driver in my life.

1. How would you describe the differences between a driver and a passenger during the high school years? –  The difference between a driver and a passenger during the high school years is a driver is someone who doesn’t care

Keri Was Here (Oct 23)

When Keri was here, she showed us a a video by Mark Scharenbroich. This video was about making memories in high school. The video had also talked about being a driver not a passenger. Mark meant that you should take

Compatibility: Occupation Matches

I picked 5 occupation quizzes out of all the occupations given to me. I chose surgeon, registered nurse, pediatrician, immunologist, veterinarian. Surgeon was my top pick for an occupation. I got a 91% match. Surgeons specialize in treating injury, disease,

Motivation (Myblueprint)

Motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Its what drives us to experience our goals in life and the interests in life. Motivation comes from your biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces such as if I got

Knowledge (MyBlueprint)

Knowledge is the awareness of or familiarity with various objects, events, ideas, or ways of doing things.  When babies are born they have no knowledge to begin with as they are newborns. As they grow up they start to develop little

Dream Job

  Doctors are trained in medical schools which are usually part of a university. They generally hold a college degree in medicine. Doctors work in hospitals, medical clinics, or may even visit people in their homes. Medical doctors treat patients by finding out what is wrong with them

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