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Problem of Evil

Why do bad things happen to good people? Evil is a wrong choice, a sin. Bad things are results of sins. The physical suffering one recieves, is a result of sin. Just because you have sinned, doesn’t make you an

Michelle I Know Story Craft

Michelle I know

  Who is the hero in this story? Explain why you think so.   The hero in this story is Claude. Michelle is very sick, and her life isn’t easy. It is hard for her to live. Not to be

“Can’t you see we ought to – ought to die before we let the fire out?”

“Can’t you see we ought to  – ought to die  before we let the fire out?”   On Page 81, Ralph yells this with anger, at the boys. He is trying to make a point, that there is more important

Lord Of The Flies Crossword Puzzle Chapters 1-4

Important Qualities of a Political Leader

Important qualities, are these qualities for a good leader, or an exceptionally good leader. Many politics disagree on many issues, and have different perspectives, point of views, and platforms, but politics are all similar in their own way. Even the

What it means to be human

Humanity…God’s greatest creation   What are objective qualities we have in common with pretty much anything? With rocks, carrots, bunnies, every other human being? Weight, Mass, we all have a Charge (protons, neutrons, electrons), but rocks have a quality that

Postulates of Faith Discussion

Can something come from nothing? You look at everything in this world that seems to have always been here, where did it come from? Has it always been here? How can something have no beginning? There are two questions you

Friendship Tableau

Friendship Tableau: As a class we demonstrated scenes, Friendship Tableau’s. Similar to the mannequin challenge, we froze a scene.  We froze silently, while the rest of the class observed. After the Class had to guess what we were trying to

Revive-Pure Witness

Monday, February 12, St. Jerome’s had some visitors.  A group of Christians called “Pure Witness” came. They were on a retreat traveling around the country. Pure Witness’ visit was set up from our Faith In Action Team, (FIAT). The group

Qualities of Friendship

Honest  Friendship is a big part of your life. Having healthy relationships with your friends are important. Certain people have certain characteristics that they look for. The most important for me is Honesty. It is important for there to be

Instructions for a Bad Day.

What is Empathy? Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, and being aware of and sensitive to this. Empathy is different from sympathy. Sympathy is feeling bad for someone. Feeling the emotions because they do. Empathy is being aware

A Happy Camper, A Leader

Generation after generation, the older generation has used the phrase “What’s wrong with kids these days”  I am one of “those kids these days.” First of all we aren’t you, so why compare us to you? I often hear, “When

If we could see inside others’ hearts …

In this visual one girl is Smiling,  and the other girl says out loud “You seem to be having a good day.”  The First girl that is smiling isn’t actually having a good day, she is just smiling to cover

A Shared Human Experiance

It is crucial to our personal development, our relationships, and society itself that we make the effort to try and experience other people’s realities as well, this is done through empathy. You have to set yourself in their situation. You

Dream List Mark Shake-and-bake

Our vibe coach came and we watched a Mark Scharenbroich video. Mark talked about being motivated. Being motivated drives you to do great things, it helps you get through good and bad times. Mark says he wants the phrase “a

Simple ways to help out

Capability and Occupation

Knowing what you want to be in the future is important. Occupations have such a wide variety, you couldn’t possibly imagine the endless possibilities. Often people ask themselves what do I want to be? What is my destined occupation? Have

Canva poster on my school


Motivation is what drives you to be successful. The different factors that drive that key to push you forward. The opportunities that unveil are often because of effort that your motivation drives. The Blue prints website offers a survey about


My blue prints website offered a survey labeled knowledge. The survey asks you questions about what you would like to learn about if you had the chance. At the end it shows you the top three options what you are

Saige’s dream job

Ever since I was in grade three I have known what I wanted to be. In my family education is important. My mom says we have to go to post secondary school and get a good job. Nancy Whelan is

My Blueprints Refresher

Today I logged back into my Blue print. I searched for helpful tools to help my in my grade 9 school year, this year. Different sections are labelled to get you to different sections of the website. The home page

My Community

My Community   Everyone is born into a place, a spot in society. Your environment that you grow up in. Your community. You have a sense of belonging. I place that’s set for you. The town you’re in, the clubs

Should People Become Vegitarians

I chose this article because I wanted to here the side of an argument about why you shouldn’t eat meat. I love meat. It isn’t a complete meal for me if there isn’t meat. Even though the article presented their

Should People Become Vegetarians

I am

I am a tall brunette I wonder about my future and future family I hear people talking to me in my head I see My Nana Maryanne and dog ruby I want a new horse for barrel racing I am

What have I signed up for?

What have I signed up for?   In grade six I had an email assigned to me. I use my email for school purposes mainly, and many others. With google i can access documents, and slides. Since I use an

Hungry for Change

Hungry for change In class we watched a video on having a healthy body. We learned different things, some surprising, and some were logical. I learned many things one thing I learned is that many food contain something called High

Sleep Challenge

           3 Day Sleep Challenge ~Day 1:  February 21, 2017 was my first night of the Sleep Challenge. I went to bed by 9:30. I slept 8 hour for as I woke up at 5:30 am the next day. I felt

What I would Change

  “Making Decisions, What would you change” I recently made the decision to book an appointment to get my nose pierced. My mom is going to get her tragus pierced, so she asked me if I wanted a piercing. I replied

Decision Making

“Decision Making” Making Decision is an important part of your everyday life. When you decide you use your pre frontal cortex.  When I think about making decisions I think about how it affects me. If it affects my family, friends,

Discover your spiritual gift

“Discover Your Spiritual Gifts” I have taken all 4 of  my group members surveys. I choose multiple “this is me”.  I choose “that is me” for things like I don’t care if I’m seen with people who aren’t popular. I

True Test of Character

“The True Test Of Character” What does it mean to behave as if no one is watching? That means you would behave as if someone was there and you would behave the same in public. If you behave badly alone

Crystal was here

“Crystal Was Here” They has been multiple situations where people can become proud of themselves. Lots of people get proud when they achieve a high mark on a test or get their first goal in a sport. I got proud

A Door Was Open

“A Door Stood Open” Throne Of Heaven: According to the Bible, the man sitting on the throne looked like jasper and carnelian. There was a gorgeous rainbow with an emerald color. Twenty-four thrones around God with twenty-four elders seated: Surrounding

Crystal Was Here

“Crystal was here” When Crystal was here we did different activities revolving around attention and coping. When we were discussing attention we watched a video to see how well we payed attention. The first video we watched was called the

Signing up for Blueprint

~I have successfully signed into blue prints ~The home option has multiple choices like: Dashboard, Activities, Goals and Portfolios. ~Who am I is an option where you can take surveys to find out different things about yourself. ~Then there is

Polldaddy Survey In communicating every one has their strengths and every one has their weaknesses. My strengths are listening and being able to understand the persons situation or how they are feeling. My weaknesses come when I am in an argument

Am I Strong Enough #3

1.Wisdom - Having the knowledge, experience, and good judgment to make the right decisions.  It is shown in “strong enough” when he says “your God your strong for both of us when i’m weak” which is great wisdom because God

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