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“A Citizen’s First Responsibilities”

Defined by Merriam Webster, the word “citizen” means “a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it.” This is a simple definition for a complex topic, because each citizen is an

“Who is Jesus,” by Peter Kreeft – Analysis

There is no doubt that Jesus Christ has had an immense impact on the world. While some continue to debate whether or not He was a real person, the idea of Jesus brings countless thoughts to mind, different for each

“The Problem of Evil” by Peter Kreeft – Analysis

Evil is a very commonly used word, defined by Google’s dictionary as “profoundly immoral and malevolent.” Evil is such a common term that people lose faith in God because of it. In Peter Kreeft’s work, “The Problem of Evil,” he

Figures of Speech From “A Sunrise on the Veld” by Doris Lessing

Personification means “the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.” Doris Lessing uses countless comparisons between humans and other non-humans. Lessing at one point describes the

Word Craft for “A Sunrise on the Veld,” by Doris Lessing

Lintel means “a horizontal support of timber, stone, concrete, or steel across the top of a door or window.” The word lintel is used once, in the context: “As soon as he stepped over the lintel, the flesh of his

A Break in Hawaii (Five Easy Pieces)

His hands were quite smooth, but strong. Seemingly huge veins stuck out on the backs of them, from the warmth of the room, And his short, stubby fingers wore no rings, But shone from the reflection of the light in

Where Memories Await (Emotional Landscape)

The sunlight shines through the trees, even though they are dense. Bark peels off of dead trees, remnants of seasons past. A bird chirps its beautiful song, and flies above me. The leaves crunch under my feet as I walk,

Revengeful Chaos (First Line Auction Poem)

Society is a harsh whirl of chaos. The powerful and selfish rule the Earth, Ignoring those who suffer. Trust has long since been vanquished. The word unity seemingly hasn’t been used in centuries. People must fend for themselves. When asked

He is Here for Us (The Terminal – Found Poem)

I’m about to tell you something, But it’s almost suppertime. Would you like to get eat to bite? You’ll get really fat with all the food I’m going to give you. There’s a man walking around the terminal in a

What Happens When One Rushes (Ten Minute Spill)

Rushing will only lead to disaster, and I know this for a fact. At first woken up by the voice of my mother Screaming at me to get up. I fell out of my bed with shock. The sound of

Darkness Will Not Prevail

A red fire burns against a dark sky, blotting out even the stars. Scales tip unevenly, the illusion of control. The unjust slaughtered by those who preach of peace. Everyday life worsened, unbeknownst to those practicing it. The rich gain

When Hope Deceives

A short story by Sean Ulrich “He’s done it this time.” I said to my older brother, Ahmed. It was about 6:00 PM on the 27th of January, 2017. School that day was hard, and I was in a bad

The Blackfoot Tribe

The tribes of the Blackfoot are the North Piegan and South Piegan Nations, and the Blood and Siksika Nations. Before writing this, I didn’t really know much about the Blackfoot Tribe at all, except I think I remember hearing that

Who Am I? Interests Survey

I took the Interests Survey on myBlueprint, and found out my interest type is “The Pioneer”. Apparently, my Primary Interest traits are artistic and investigative. I am not too surprised about either of these traits. Two parts of the artistic

Who Am I? Personality Survey

After taking the personality survey on, I found out my personality type is INFP, or “The Healer”. This means, according to the survey, that I’m “introverted, intuiting, feeling, and perceiving”. The report described people with this personality type as “creative, artistic,

Who Am I? Learning Styles Survey

After taking the survey on, I found out I am a visual-auditory learner. I am 36% auditory, 34% visual, and 29% kinaesthetic, so I use all of them to a degree. According to the report, I use hearing, listening, looking,

Left Navigation Menu of

On the left navigation menu, the first section is Home, where one can find the Dashboard, Activities, Goals, and Portfolios. The second section is Who Am I, where one can take surveys for learning style, personality, interests, knowledge, and motivation.

Who Am I?

Who am I? If someone asked me that, my first instinct would be to say my name, maybe my age, my gender, etc., but really, that tells you nothing. I haven’t told you about my personality, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses,

Questions About On The Sidewalk Bleeding, by Evan Hunter

Who is the protagonist? In this story, a young man Andy is the protagonist. He was sixteen, and wore a purple jacket with the word Royals on the back, which was a gang Andy was part of. Andy wasn’t just

Cornell Note-Taking Method

The Cornell note-taking method is a useful way to organize your notes. On the top, first of all, is the title. On the far left-hand side of the paper a column will be drawn and in this column the important


Volleyball is a very popular sport that many people play. It can be a fun pastime, and can be played inside or outside, weather permitting. It has an interesting history, two ways to play officially, and many more ways of

Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis

This story takes place mostly in Buxton, Canada, during the 19th century. At this time, there was still much slavery going on in the United States. Most of the people in Buxton used to be slaves, but had since escaped

Fictional Biography of Billy Braquette

  Name: William (Billy) Braquette Date of Birth: April 15, 1984 (32) Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.A. Stage Name: Plaque I was born in New York City, New York, on April 15, 1984, to Philippe and

How Can We Help Other People and the Earth?

I wrote this paragraph for Health class In our society, we have all the food, water, and entertainment we want. We often get so caught up in other things that we don’t pay attention to people in need or the

St. Jerome’s School

From the ages of about five to eighteen, most people in our society go to school. In truth, our school is a big part of who we are now and for the rest of our lives. At St. Jerome’s Catholic

Should Cell Phones be Allowed in Classrooms at St. Jerome’s?

By Sean Ulrich At the age of about fourteen, many of us have a cell phone. A lot of us take them everywhere we go to, but should they be allowed inside classrooms at St. Jerome’s Catholic School? In my

Challenges to Survival

In the world we live in today, we have many challenges to our survival. Some of the challenges we face as the population do not threaten us immediately, but over time have a great effect on our world. These challenges

Twitter Fort McMurray Fire

These are some tweets from the Fort McMurray fire. Dramatic and fiery time-lapse video from @NovaCanuck of @FortMacToday escaping #ymmfire. — Edmonton Journal (@edmontonjournal) May 4, 2016 #ymmfire Us getting out of Beacon Hill! My childhood home and everything I've

The Jungle Books Vol. One by Rudyard Kipling

I’ve been reading the Jungle Books Vol. One and so far, it has interested me every page. The Jungle Books Vol. One is mostly just a bunch of adventures by a boy in the jungle put together into one fascinating book

Dream Home

If I could build the home of my dreams, I would never want to leave it. It would be filled with all the things I would want to have, and I would never be bored. First thing’s first. As you

The Unsolved Riddles of Existence

There are many puzzling thoughts in life that we don’t often attempt to think about, but are very good questions. Some of these questions are “Can we doubt our existence?”, or “Do events happen the same whether humans are there or not?”,

My Personality Playlist

The Potion of Immortality

I stumble clumsily out of the alley, still dazed from the effects of the mysterious liquid I had just drank. It all happened so fast. I was just walking by and there he was. An old man of about sixty-five

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