Author: sweeseekase

The awful burden of the unsolved riddles of existence

Should you always listen to the opinions of others? Humans are entitled to their own opinion. Every human on earth has there own personal and unique opinion. What they do shouldn’t let us forget the bigger picture. Focus on what’s

Who Am I? Learning Styles

After I took the survey, according to the website I’m an ‘LSHL’ Im 39% visual. This means I learn by seeing or looking, and I like taking detailed notes. Pause, and try to create a mental image in my mind,

Personality Survey

Everyone has different personalities. No one is the same, we are all our own person. According to the survey I’m an ‘INTJ’. My energy is introversion, which means that I like to work independently, I feel more comfortable with a

My blueprint sign up

When I logged into my blueprint. I saw the color blue everywhere. I saw a bunch of different words in bold, with information. The next level down I found a place titled in demand occupants, which had a section for

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