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RS 35: Reflection: Is Our Future in Good Hands?

Read the following two excerpts.  What is your reaction?  Are you concerned by some of these survey results?  Some say, “The survey results do prompt concerns about teens’.  Reflect by answering the above questions. Your reflection must include a discussion

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Ethical Values

Select the page on the right titled, Ethical Values Assignment and follow the directions on the page.  You’ll need to use the handout provided in class.

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Ethical Values Assignment

Ethical values (Core ethical values) and (Medical values) Six  values that are commonly used in medical ethics discussions Autonomy –  a person has the right to make their own choices.  In Medicine, the patient has the right to refuse or

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RS 35: Reflection: Is Conscience Something to Pay Attention to?

Religious Studies 35 Reflection Question In the article Conscience and truth. it says “Catholic moral theology teaches that conscience is the highest norm and that one must always follow it, even against opposing dictates of legitimate authority”.  Pope Benedict XVI,

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