Bitmoji 4×4 Lazer Engraving

heyBitmoji Lazer  Engraving 

Step One:  Added a bitmoji extension from the chrome store.

Step Two:  We selected a bitmoji that we decided looked decent.

Step Three:  We copied  our bitmoji’s to an email and sent it to Mr. Sader.

Step Four:  Place a 4×4 piece of wood inside the lazer engraver.

Step Five:  Adjust the setting for the lazer engraver on the computer and chose the size and looks.

Step Six: Turn on the machine and Wait to see the magic happen.

Step Seven: Watch as the lazer engaver displays your bitmoji on the 4×4 piece of wood.

Step Eight: The machine then cuts out a border. After, we took the magnets out and threw away the extra pieces.

Take out your piece of wood and see the results!




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