Who Am I Motivations

My two motivation factors are relationships and recognition. I like working with people and I am a very social person. I like to be around people because I am not a very independent person but I still work well by myself. Mutual respect, trust, honesty, and common interests or goals are the main things that… Continue reading Who Am I Motivations

Who Am I Knowledge, Brett

I took the knowledge survey and ended up with technical and trades. I’m 89% technical trade, 89% creative arts, and 83% business. Technical trades and business are my 2 that I’m personally interested in. I was never into arts and stuff like that, other than making music if tat would count as an art. Technical… Continue reading Who Am I Knowledge, Brett

Who Am I Interests, Brett

My interest type is The Pilot (ER). ER meaning enterprising and realistic. Enterprising occupations often involve the world of business. They regularly involve starting and driving new projects. .  Enterprising occupations frequently require leadership skills and the willingness to take risks. Realistic occupations involve practical, hands-on activities. They focus on working with plants, animals, materials,… Continue reading Who Am I Interests, Brett

Who Am I Personality

My personality type ENFP or The Champion. I’m extroverted meaning I’m social and like hanging with crowds, intuiting, which means understand or work out by instinct. I have feeling as one which means I think with my feelings and I’m caring, and last I am perceiving meaning I keep my options open and go with… Continue reading Who Am I Personality

Who Am I Learning Styles

My learning style is kinesthetics and auditory. Which means I do hands on projects and I touch stuff.  I’m also an auditory learner meaning I can learn well by listening to what is being told. My study tips are, participate in more hands on tasks during lessons. Use flash cards to sort concepts. Study in… Continue reading Who Am I Learning Styles

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