Who Am I Interests, Brett

My interest type is The Pilot (ER). ER meaning enterprising and realistic. Enterprising occupations often involve the world of business. They regularly involve starting and driving new projects.

Enterprising occupations frequently require leadership skills and the willingness to take risks. Realistic occupations involve practical, hands-on activities. They focus on working with plants, animals, materials, tools, and machines. Many Realistic occupations require working outdoors. They do not usually involve a lot of paperwork or require working closely with others.

I strongly agree with my interest type. It defines me in almost every way. It says I play to win and am competitive as well as like business. 3 occupations that were recommended to me that I thought I would enjoy were technical sales engineer, security manager, and referee. I would enjoy these because I like technology, sports, and a security manager seems cool.  I don’t know if I would like to pursue any of these jobs or careers but they would be pretty cool. I personally would like to be a lawyer. Being a lawyer would be very exciting because I could argue for a living and make tons of cash for doing so.

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