Who Am I Motivations

My two motivation factors are relationships and recognition. I like working with people and I am a very social person. I like to be around people because I am not a very independent person but I still work well by myself. Mutual respect, trust, honesty, and common interests or goals are the main things that I need to find when working with someone or just being friends with someone in general. You need to have these things with one another or things will never workout between the two. Also look for opportunities that give you the opportunity to help or support others. People like me also look for opportunities that give them the opportunity to help or support others.


Recognition is a big one for me because I like to be known for the things I do, such as being a nasty duo with Will in any sport we play. People have gave us the nickname The Brothers of Destruction because we can do things most kids can’t. I like to be known for what I am good for and for people to look up to me. Being a role model for kids that think that can’t do this or can’t do that makes up a big part of who I am.I want to find opportunities that allow me to demonstrate excellence, that can put me in the spotlight or in the driver’s seat, or that allow me to advance to higher levels of responsibility. I don’t want to seem like a greedy child though, that would not be a good look for anybody.


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