Act 3

1.I would really like to know what motivated…(Romeo) to… try and break up the fight?

1.In scene one of act three Tybalt and Mercutio broke out into battle, Romeo believes that the two young men should stop the fight at once. Romeo stands between the two and with one swift jab of Tybalts sword mercutio is struck, the sword was a near miss under young Romeos arm and with this Tybalt runs off. Mercutio says to Romeo that this was all to blame on Romeo if he had not stood between the two Mercutio could have put up a fair battle and may have escaped with his life.


2.The Character I Really cant Figure out is… Tybalt

2. Tybalt always seems to be right in the middle of everything wether it is a fight or getting under someones skin to make it look like it was their idea to fight him. No matter the situation it always leads to hearing to sound of a steal blade being drawn from a holster and striking the sword of another worthy opponent. Romeo is in many places through this point in the book and he always finds away to meat up with Tybalt which I find with no longer be a pest of Romeos but an opponent, the swords will be drawn and blood would be shed. If Tybalt was not such a pest he would be able to spare the lives of his opponent and possibly his very own in the future

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