Response to “Africa Road” Narritive

I get hit by many players in my career, really take a beating. Ive always gone through a rough time weather if its me getting hit my one player or multiple in a scrum to a solid piece of rubber flaying at my body and the odd time a zamboni messed up on a turn, but thing thing that bothers me the most is the hurtful slurs I hear come out of players who were once innocent when on the other side of the boards. It pains me to hear to the boys and gils I watched when they were just just little turn into people who say these racial slur or any slur for that matter. Me the big white boards takes a beating but none compared to the small black puck getting thrown into me because it was hit by a big slap shot. But every one gets rejoiced when the puck flies safely into the net now this is something that a goalie tries to prevent but but if the puck goes in the net multiple times many are rejoiced but many are saddened. One day I hope that everyone will be rejoiced when the small black puck lands safely into the net but that may never happen inside of the bored but it sure can happen on the outside. Every time someone is “caught” saying a racial slur they are punished and they sit on the outside of the boards for two minutes and maybe five and any more than ten they sit on the other side of the bored for the remainder of the game and if repeat offenders of racism they are suspended for multiple games this shows them that its not alright be be racist so they are punished to the outside put one the outside its harder to be caught being racist with the world on the white side leaving the others in a shadow its cold and dark down there but  all it takes is one person making a change being that light to lead they way. Once multiple people have fallowed the light they to will help light the world leaving no one in the shadows. The sad truth is no one is perfect but we are no longer leaning towards perfection but instead look away as if it doesn’t matter, but it does and it does in a big way. Now we all know that we are never going to be perfect but by cleaning up our act and showing our competitors some remorse and some respect we will no longer be in the dark.




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