L.A. 10 Final Essay

What shapes a human? What shapes a human is not the skills we have but how we are able to communicate. Humans are the moral beings, this means we have the means of communication with words between one another. This allows us to have a greater advantage over the animals. This is not something that we should take for granted this is a privilege that people should never abuse. When you are thinking of the Environment you think about the trees and the flowers well that one thing that will be addressed. Without trees or flowers would would have to oxygen thus no breathing, would should never think anything but greatness towards our environment as it is keeping us alive. Now the environment does much more than help us breath it also takes away all the stress of pain we are feeling when around it. Just by simply placing workers desk next to a window you may see that the working may worker more efficiently as the appearance of the nature is a soothing too many. But there is much more than nature in a environment. What about the environment at your workplace is it a friendly a shy or a quiet environment? It is much easier to work in a quiet environment than a loud just as it may be easier to live in a friendly environment than one that has mean people. These are just a few of the many environments that shapes a human.
Humans have always needed to be aware of their surroundings to survive, we need to make sure our environment has certain aspects. People want to feel safe and look to their environment for satisfying that need. We also need to feel secure and again look to our environment. In addition we look for physical comfort looking for the right temperature. If you are working in an environment that has a very hot or very cold temperature you will not be focusing on what you are supposed to be working on but the temperature of the room.
Store owners are always trying to create a positive customer experience providing comfort, safety and entertainment. Examples of these are providing comfortable seats, a television with sports or shows others enjoy, also the appearance of the place you are visiting. If you’re eating in a restaurant you want to enjoy your stay at the duration of your time spent there. Comfortable seating is one many complain about if it is not provided to them, the appearance of the restaurant and or store can help with one’s comfort. IF you are staying in a hotel that has does not look up to your expectations you won’t feel comfortable, food that doesn’t look appetizing you won’t want to eat.
Our Environment can also reduce stress, a noisy, busy area like an airport can cause people to feel worried and may increase blood pressure and heart rate. Creating an environment that reduces stress is also important for helping improve your health. Hospitals try to provide a stress free environment which is supposed to improve the health of their patients. Also the environment affects how hard the staff works. Therefor improving the work environment can make where they work less stressful, safer and a better place to work. During my stay in the hospital I found it to be a very uncomfortable place to stay. The meals were not looking up to my expectations therefore were not enjoyable for me to eat. The rooms were small it was hard to move around, the doors must stay open which lead to the light shining in making it hard for sleep. This shows how much people’s attention to detail can influence their decision they have on a place.
Contact with nature can reduce stress and improve a person’s enjoyment just by providing a view to the outside. Allowing people the option like controlling the temperature, choosing music and also choosing the place they want to sit makes people feel more independent, in control of what they do. In the summer you will find that many people head up to the lake to go camping spend time with nature. This is a way to reduce stress from work, the end of the school your and sometimes things that are going on in your life at the time. Camping is one of the biggest points anyone can prove that nature is good for you it can relieve you of your problems.
Providing people with family support improves emotional well being therefore hospitals provide waiting rooms and lounges with comfortable furniture to allow visitors to stay longer to visit with their friends and family. Staying in a hospital is  o enjoyable place. Have family and friends stay with you can be a big change as you can communicate with others as well have the ability to act as you would if you were at home or school like any day  Areas such as a library should have the noise kept to a minimum , and also should have appropriate lighting to help enjoy your stay. When reading of or writing it is much easier to concentrate with some peace and quiet. Silence allows you to help keep your train of thought moving freely, the slightest noise can mess up your ideas way easier then you can get them in your head.
People may be affected by the environment at home. If you live in a household were you fix your child’s problems by giving them toys the odds are that they are learning that they are going to get what they want right when they want it. If you live in an environment where there is a lot of yelling you too may become someone who yells or one who is timid by those who do yell. The home environment can cause big changes in what may happen in someone’s life, the way you act they way you are going to treat people and the way you might allow yourself to be treated latter on in life.


There are millions of different things that influences people’s lives and what shapes them.

Many people may not know it but every one was put through lif in thousands of different environments such as our own nature, friendly environments, scary environments and many, many more. If you grew up with just living in one environment, no change would have have only that one personality. What ever environment/s you grow up in u will pick up the personality and skills you learned there and carry them with you for the rest of your life. No matter who you are and what you do the Environment’s you grew up with have taught you more than you will ever know.
None of this would ever be possible if it wasn’t for our  ability to communicate with one another.

A quote by George Eliot says.
~ Life is measured by the rapidity of change,

the succession of influences that modify the being.
We need change in our life we have to have live in different environments to learn about yourself build character. You yourself will help be a deciding factor in which kind of environment people come into when they are being welcomed into your environment.

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