Respond Creatively to Barney 2.0

August 30th-

I’m alone with a lady in the lab stuck in this cage, a man gave me some weird smelling food.¬†Glad I didn’t eat it turned out to be poison! Only did this because I was getting in the way? I don’t get it?

September 2nd-

I am now involved in many kinds of experiments I guess they realized that I was the one to handle these tasks. This guy seemed to be jealousy of me and was getting in the way of the projects. I am ecstatic this this guy is gone i can run free in this place. Two weeks ago i got a shot now I seem to be interested in this library. I am ready many book reading fast flipping page after page.

September 9th-

The lady let me out of my cage I knew that key was needed, so i snatched it with my teeth and ran out the window, I ran to the well and beat her to the race as she was able to hear the sound of the key hit the water at the bottom.

September 10th-

I go out side and in a surprise see a rope that is starting to break hanging from the well i look down to see the lab lady searching for the key I yelled at her to notify her of the heath of her rope. I believe that I had saved her life… I now am feeling sick and weak I do not think that I am going to make it passed this day. I have done my duties now I must go.



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