Respond Creatively to Wild Horses

I have lived on this far for a couple of years now and it seem to me like I’m going crazy like in seeing double or something.

Every day this young girl comes out to train, she would saddle me up and would would do our normal training routine. Running the barrels, jumping the poles but lately I have notice that half way through our training that she is ridding another horse? Now this is when I get vert confused. I will look up onto my back and she will be sitting there but I look back and she is now over there again? I just don’t understand whats going on! Maybe i need some sleep or, or maybe there was something in that hay, But what ever the case may be I know that I am in fact seeing double.

The next day I noticed the young girls had come out with her older sister and as I was being saddled up there was two young gils chasing around one older sister? There has to be an explanation for thins. Before the older sister ran off I heard he mumbling something under her breath it was something like. “I fate two hoth” or “I hate! You hoth”? Oh my gosh she said “I Hate You Both”! By both she means two so she must be seeing doubles too? Or maybe there really is two?!

Latter on in the day near supper time the older boy came out to tel the young girl or girl’s that the food was ready. She or they seemed to get upset and started to beat up on him. After he got up he clearly yelled “WHY DID MOM HAVE TO HAVE TWINS”! So I wasn’t seeing double there really was two of them after this month or two of distress the truth finally come out I no longer have to worry about that.


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