Respond critically to The Friday Everything Changed

I don’t care if this story was written bout the past, but I do not agree with the difference in gender equality.

I believe that no matter your gender race we are all human beings and should all be treated as what we are, Equal. Gender equality is like bullying, no one likes to be picked on for being different.

what I like about this story is how the teacher allowed a girl to go and carry the water back to class just as the boys would have.


When you look around you see both men and women amongst you the only difference if the gender,

they are both here are not discriminated for it and I believe they never should have been to start with.

If someone comes up to you and tells you that you don’t belong it going to hurt you wont feel human and that should be impossible,

but people allowed it to happen by discrimination agains women.

Imagine going to live in a place that you have no idea how to even say one word of there language.

It would be pretty had to fit in and be accepted you would be considered an outcast that no body wants to help or be friends with.

That would not be a good felling and this is why I was not a fan of this short story.


this is the symbol for Gender Equality.






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