What Being Human Means


Being human means we have rules and responsibilities so a question asking if humans are nothing more than just a higher-level animal to me seems obscured as animals do what animals do and aren’t judged or punished for their actions because these are what animals do. The ability to use our mind to think is beautiful and I don’t believe it can be boiled down to saying thinking can be reduced the interaction of chemicals and electricity as it was a trait given to us by God, it may be said it’s science but its religion that allows us to think. same goes for loving as you may say those two have chemistry that is simple a METAPHOR as this is simply not possible, there is something about the two that God had put in them to find each other. Saying that a cucumber can become a Dr. is absolutely crazy as it is programmed to be nothing but a cucumber to eat. A human can refuse to act like a human as it was a quality that is given to use because we were put o earth to be the ones who eventually run the world and the animals can not act like ┬áhuman as they don’t possess that quality they can just simple act as they are. Objective morality changes drastically in different age groups and different cultures, an eight year old child may make a women cry and as you get older men know that this is objectively wrong, but an eight year old child does not know this and may not be punished but an older male may face some consequences and he has done something everyone views as objectively wrong. many cultures have different laws and there may be somethings in Canada that is viewed as objectively wrong then in some other countries. Sharks and tigers do not feel sorry for killing another animal as this is how they are bread and this is what they are going to do. A large story in the news was a child falling into the gorilla pit and the gorilla was shot, he had done nothing wrong but faced consequences he would not have felt pain if he would have killed the young man but would be killed and they are still, able to feels the pains of consequences. So being human lays on the entelligence the knowledge, our impulse control and our cerebral cortex and these give us the large advantage over the other species and why we are superior.

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