Identify a Good Read

Have you ever thought to your self “I am rich”, but then have you ever compared yourself to someone that actually knows what they are doing with their money?  It happens to all of us, we get 20$ from babysitting and suddenly you feel on top of the world.  Humans are like that, we get excited because we would know that we have something and we are nothing.

I thought this article was very good because it was very organized and informative.  The 3 main ideas in this article were very well-ordered and superior.  This article was about a woman that did not have masses of money.  This woman was with her then-boyfriend on a trip to Hawaii.  She talked about how she was a photographer and how she loved to take photos.  She took photos of things she had never seen in person before, and many things that she had yearned for.  She took photos of sunsets, palm trees, beautiful roads.  She was inspired by the beautiful things she had seen and she wanted to keep that memory.  I really liked how she wrote about what she loved and the beautiful things she saw in her eyes because it reminds you of what is important in life and to cherish every moment you have living.

The second thing she talked about was, how she ended up in Hawaii.  This was her first trip, and it was in the year2009.  Her boyfriend wanted to go on a vacation somewhere tropical and she wanted to go somewhere interesting and informational.  Her boyfriend had mentioned Hawaii and she thought it was an amazing idea.  She also talked about how her boyfriend started basing his life off of alcohol and he spent a lot of time at work but still did not make much money.  I thought this topic was very detailed and it makes her story more clear about how she made money.

The last thing she had talked about was, how never ended up becoming “rich”.  She explained how her taxi driver said she had come a long way and she even was able to pay for a Hawaii trip.  She said that she would never look at her bank account and think that she was ever rich.

In conclusion, I was really shocked by the end of the story.  I felt very empathetic for the women I don’t know or have even ever met.  Sometimes we have to think to ourselves and think that we are really lucky people.  We have to love everything in our lives and be grateful for everything we have.  We all have to keep pushing ourselves to be better people.



Have you ever wanted to be somewhere else than the place you are at right now?  Maybe you are in a classroom or in an office.  Let’s be real no one wants to be there.  I don’t know about you, but I definitely have caught my self dozing of and imagining a beautiful destination.  Come on people we live in Canada, and I don’t know a single person who would rather be in the -40 we live in compared to the +40 you could be somewhere else.

Tokyo is one of the world’s largest cities and has a population of about 9.274 million people living in such a small area.  I love Tokyo so much and I have always wanted to go there.  There may be days in March when you need a heavy jacket, but the cold eases considerably in April and by May it can be warm enough for short sleeves during the day.  Tokyo is quite the sight to see at night.  The city is filled with lights and beautiful little shops everywhere you look.  If I am being honest I would definitely have to bring a pocket full of money with me.  There are so many cute things there that I could not resist buying.  It is also cool because they have such different styles in clothes than we do, in my opinion, the clothes there are a lot more “bougie”.  Although I am not a huge fan of seafood, any other food there would be really good.  I love Chinese food and I know that they would have some their and plus they have McDonald’s!  Tokyo is definitely on my bucket list, and one of my top places to visit.

The second place I would teleport to would be Hawaii.  I don’t really know where because it is all beautiful.  I would much rather spend time on the beach or in the ocean than be stuck in school or doing chores.  The Hawaiian islands are the calmest and most relaxing island in the world.   There are beautiful resorts you could visit and stay in luxurious hotels and of course enjoy the all-year-round heat.  Hawaii is just a beautiful place to visit and I deferentially will have to visit it before I die.

The third-place I would love to visit would have to be Rio.  My Nanna and Pappa were in Rio over Christmas break and the cool stories they came back with, made me want to close my eyes and pretend that I am there.  If I got the chance to ever go to Rio I would want to stay in a riverboat for a couple of nights.  That would be a really cool experience.  I would also want to kayak in the rivers nearby.  I think it would be really nice to spend time surrounded by water and beautiful greenery in Rio.  The beautiful colors of green of trees and the colors of the ocean and flowers would just want to make be their right now.  I would have to visit Rio when it is the non-raining season because otherwise there would be offal down poor while I am there. Rio would be such a cool place to visit and I would love every second of it.

I would love to travel the world if I am honest, but I know I would have to be a millionaire if I wanted to do that.  So these are my top 3 places aI want to travel to and why.  I love learning about different places and different people so I know I will love to travel more when I am older.

Time Travel:


The first place I would travel to would be, Tokyo.  Tokyo is one of the worlds largest cities and has a population of 9. 274 million people in an area of about 622km2.  I would travel to Tokyo because It is such a beautiful place and there is so much to learn about its culture and the people living there.  If you are in Tokyo at night and you are in a small street with little shops all down the sides of the street and the beautiful light lights you would be in heaven.  There is something about how the people that live in Tokyo that is just so amazing.  It is amazing ho so many people can live in such a small area and it is amazing how different everyone is.  Another thing I love about Tokyo is its style.  Their style is unbelievably ahead than ours in Canada.  Some people would call it “bougie”.  I also personally love the cool buildings that the Japanese build.  The architecture is Japan is so cool and so different in what I am used to.  Although I am not a huge fan of seafood, I love Japanese food.  Overall Tokyo is just a beautiful place to visit and their is so much I could learn about while I am there.  Although I want to go to many places, Tokyo is my top place to go to.

Three Songs


Have you ever listened to a song thought to your self “dang I really liked that song” and later on you realize you will never be able to get that song out of your head?  Well, these are my top 3 songs that I love and can never get out of my head.

The first song that I can never get out of my head is Classic by MKTO.  I like this song because it has a good beat to it and the lyrics mean a lot to me.  MKTO starts by saying that this girl is very beautiful or full of life. He compares her to a 5th Avenue diamond. 5th Avenue is one of New York City’s major points of interest and the area has been consistently ranked as one of the most prestigious and expensive areas in the US. A diamond from this address is most likely to be exquisite in design, expensive and hefty in weight, just like this girl.  In the chorus, MKTO says “You’re over my head, I’m out of my mind, Thinking I was born in the wrong time, One of a kind, living in a world gone plastic, Baby, you’re so classic.”  What that says to me is that there is this girl and he knows he will never be as good as her and that she is so perfect.  In the song, MKTO says “This world might have gone crazy”, what that means to me is that the world would have gone crazy if the person he is righting the son about was not there.  After those lines, MKTO sings “The way you saved me, who could blame me when I just wanna make you smile”.  According to MKTO, this girl saved him at a point when he was in dire need and because of that he would do or say anything to make her happy in gratitude, regardless of what the rest of the world has to say.  This song is a classic and will always be loved by many people.  

I want it that way.”  Don’t we all get caught up saying that?  Well, if you have not I bet you have thought sometime in your life that you wanted something, that way.  In 1999, the Backstreet Boys came out with a huge hit.  the Backstreet Boys got 3 different music video awards for their song.  I really like this song because it really has a good tune to it.  This song can put you in a good mood even if you are mad.  “You are my fire, The one desire, Believe when I say, I want it that way” is the start of the song and what think it means this guy is deeply in love, after that he sings “But we are two worlds apart
Can’t reach to your heart, When you say, That I want it that way” I think that means the other “lover” is not happy with him and she is not happy.  Tell me why Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache, Tell me why, Ain’t nothin’ but a mistake, Tell me why I never want to hear you say, I want it that way”  the writer of the song does not want to hear the girl say that they are not in love with him anymore. This song is just overall amazing and will always be.  The song has been stuck on people’s heads for about 20 years.  I have a feeling it will still be around by the time I am 50.

The and final song I can never get out of my head is “Even though I am leaving” by Luke Combs.  This song is meaning full and it is definitely more sensitive than most.  I like this song because it is a country song and it has a really good meaning.  Luke Combs wrote this song because he is going to be a dad soon, and he knows that one day he will have to leave his child.  “Keep me safe ’cause there are monsters right outside” he always wants to keep his future safe and protected, “And you can’t see me in the middle of the night” this means, though he is leaving there will be a day he has to say good buy.”  “He’s got a big old plane that’s gonna take me far away” the big plane that is going to take him far away is symbolizing “heaven”, he says that he won’t be back and that he loves his child.  This song I very sad and sensitive but overall it is a good song and when I listen to it I can never get it out of my head.

All of this song I love so much and for some reason, I can never get them out of my head.  I love these songs because they all make me feel happy and sad in some kind of way. All of these songs are deferentially going to be around for a long time and one of them has been around for 20 years, and I still hear people sing it all the time.

Favourite Poems

Falling:  This poem talks about falling in love.  The poem says falling in love is simply easy because it happens.  A poet is a man, and he talks about how amazing to have kids and he talks about being in love.

Farewell:  This poem to me describes a loss of someone you loved.  It describes the pain and the sorrow, to someone you love very much.

Famous:  This poem is saying that something is famous to you and to everything.  For me, God is famous for me and for someone else food or a sport could be famous for them.

Long Night Full Moon:  To me, this poem is kind of sad in a way, it talks about how someone does not care too much to see what is around them and that their life is just dark.  This poem can touch someone feeling because it is darker and sadder.