My Motivation

My Main motivation is support Support- I Agree with or approve of someone, sometimes showing approval or support through action. I give help or assistance to someone.I promote interests or causes. My second thing is Independence. Not controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, decisions, etc.; thinking or acting for yourself. Not subject to… Continue reading My Motivation

My Knowledge

My knowledge is that I have Language, Technical Trades and Physical Education so that means that my Technical trades- Technical & Trades courses help you learn skills to design and create products using different tools, equipment, and software. Topics may include: Agriculture, Cosmetology, Foods and Construction. Language that means that Language courses help me develop… Continue reading My Knowledge

My Interests

I am the translator(AS) I agree with what I am and I like to work with ideas and people and I approach things strong bias for independence, I moderate bias for thought and strong bias for variety and chance, also strong bias for following my heart.   Two of my interests are Artistic and Social.… Continue reading My Interests

My Personality

I am a ENFJ that means that I am a Extroverted, iNtuiting, Feeling, Judging Extroverted- I am comfortable in large groups, enjoy socializing, gain energy from being around others, enjoys the spotlight, impulsive and speaks their mind. iNtuiting- Make connections between what are they learning and what they already know, inventive, sees patterns and big… Continue reading My Personality

My Learning Styles Survey

I am Auditory that means I learn by listening to audio books or podcasts, I hum or talking to myself often when I am studying, and enjoying acquiring knowledge. Four study tips that the gave me are to record my myself reading my notes and listening to them, talk to someone about the topic, repeat… Continue reading My Learning Styles Survey

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