My Personality

I am a ENFJ that means that I am a Extroverted, iNtuiting, Feeling, Judging

Extroverted- I am comfortable in large groups, enjoy socializing, gain energy from being around others, enjoys the spotlight, impulsive and speaks their mind.

iNtuiting- Make connections between what are they learning and what they already know, inventive, sees patterns and big picture ideas, abstract thinker.

Feeling-Makes decisions using subjective criteria,Takes into account circumstances; how decisions affect people,Caring

Judging-Thoughtful, Judicious, Organized and enjoys planning, Prefers concrete goals and deadlines, Seeks closure to tasks, Logica

I don’t know what my most valuable trait is



Yes it is because it helps you to know what you are and if you meet someone new you can till them what they are and then they will know some personality.





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