Pixlr (photo Edit) Kitten photo getting a bubble

My project I got the idea from a photo that I found on google. Its a cat that is in the galaxy trying to get this bubble when it is going away

Step One – I found pictures online

Kitten- I looked up a kitten jumping and found the one I like

Bubble- I looked up bubbles and found this one

Galaxy- I looked up a galaxy picture and. found this one

Step Two- I added them to pixlr and cut out by using the lasso tool and going on polygon and went on my image and cut it out.

Step Three- I added the bubble and did the lasso tool again to the bubble.

Step Four- I clicked on the cat and moved to where i wanted it and did the same to the Bubble

Step FiveĀ  – I saved It to drive and added it here and typed out this.

This Took me One Class to do and it was very easy to do.

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