My T-shirt Design

I started by taking a bunch of pictures of myself on my phone that I took and uploaded them on email. Then I started by adding them in canva on a blank poster. After I got them on my poster I put them where I wanted them on the poster on canva and left a space in the middle to add texted that said I get us out of trouble and Chloe did the same thing but put I get us into trouble. After we made the design we emailed it to Mr Sader and he fixed it up and press a bunch of bottoms and then printed it off with the fancy roland printer. After they printed we let them dry for a few classes and pick out shirts that would fit us. Then we got ready to make the shirts, We started by heating up the heat press so that it was about 300 degress. We put up the table and got the tools we needed. Then we got are pictures and peeled the outer layer any transported to stuff that was sticky( I forgot what it is called). After we were done we took it over to the heat press and are shirts that we picked out that fit us and heated the shirt up for 8 seconds and the stuck the print on the shirt and lined it up straight. Then we put(Idk) on top and heated that up for 16 seconds, The timer ended and we peeled off the(Idk) and put it back on the pashment paper and then we put the (idk) back on and heated it again for 8 seconds. Are shirts were finally done and we just needed to let them dry and then we put them on and went and took pictures.

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