Trick Shot Challenge

This trick shot challenge I partnered up with Shreay. We came up with a trick shot that shows what we like, I like volleyball and she likes basketball. Are trick shot is to serve the volleyball into the basketball hoop or a basket that we find. This will take us a few classes to practice this trick shot that we came up with. What we are doing and how we will start off by getting volleyballs that are good quality to use, We will get someone to film us every try so if we get it in, it will be filmed on video. Shreay will start under the hoop or by a basket and I will start with a volleyball at the half court line and try and serve it in to the hoop or a basket, so if it goes in, she could get the volleyball and go try too and I will go to the basketball hoop or the basket so I can catch it or hand it back to her for another try. Thats are trick shot challenge that we are doing.

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