What are the major threats to our environment?

Recently, within the last century, the planet earth that we call home has been facing many different problems that are not things that we necessarily want to happen. As we grow technologically we start to forget that we have a big place to take care of, we always remember to keep our house clean but we forget to keep our large planet clean. Here are a few examples of why we need to keep our world clean, and why we should care for more than just our own houses.

Deforestation is a very large problem that will just continue to happen if we allow it. As we loose many of the places where animals naturally live then, we see many animals starting to live in more urban areas.  This is bad for both humans and animals, with animals living in our towns and cities they are more likely to start having problems with there life expectancy and are more likely to be sick and feel awful throughout their already short lives.  It is bad for us because we now have to stop on our road for animals to cross, we have to make sure that we do not get too close to any animal that may be dangerous or wild, these things are all bad for us and the rest of the population in the bigger towns or the cities. Animals need the habitat and if we take that away from them than they will have to join us in our habitat. This is why deforestation is a terrible thing for the animals and us. We need to make this stop, because it is not like it is one tree every little while, it can be up to whole forests in only a matter of days that are being cut down. Make deforestation end.

Natural causes can be just as bad as what us humans are doing more recently. Global warming is caused because we as humans come up with new things, but these new things are not very energy efficient or, they are run by fossil fuels or diesel gasoline. When we used these things our world gets more and more dirty, and we all slowly start to experience  the problem this causes and it is not just humans experience these things brought on by humans. Animals and insects that are very much so important to us will start to feel the affects of what we have caused.

Bees are very important to human life and keeping up the life of plants like animals and other things like that. Bees are important to us because they keep us alive by pollinating plants and keeping our air supply up. Without bees this world would be nothing, it would be a planet made of water and sand and dirt, no plants because bees keep plants growing for us. To say we don’t rely on bees would be like saying that for at least for the first eight-teen years of our lives we don’t rely on a legal guardian, which we do. Bees are important and we have to respect them more, if you want this world to continue than we would stop harming these thing that help us stay alive.

I conclusion, we should try and stop deforestation, the harm of bess and other helpful insects, and well we can do nothing for natural disasters but pray. We should do these things for our good and the good of the planet we call earth. We should also want to help out because we deserve to get to live on a clean planet and support other living things.

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