Who Am I Motivation

  I am able to recognize my mistakes and fix them when i need to. Recognition is great for a work are of degre and areas were people need help because it helps me recognize wether  i am safe or if the people around me are safe.   . The acknowledgement of achievement, service, merit, etc.;… Continue reading Who Am I Motivation

Who Am I Knowledge

My top 3 subjects are science, computers and technical trades. with these three they include going into science they include going into technology and the other Is a good business path for trades. science Is probably my favourite subject and I love to learn it when I get into grade 10 I’m going to take… Continue reading Who Am I Knowledge

Who Am I? Interests

        I am Physically active with my hands the test told me  was a  builder  practical and straightforward. When given a task I think about the details and will make a plan to follow before getting started. As the  Builder I like  to be given direction because they want to spend their… Continue reading Who Am I? Interests

Who Am I Personality

I am going to explain my life in this blog and how I live in my life.When I wake up and I feel really groggy and then jump in the shower and get ready for school normally I have cereal for breakfast and sometimes, all depending on how I feel. Then I grab my home… Continue reading Who Am I Personality