Who Am I Personality

I am going to explain my life in this blog and how I live in my life.When I wake up and I feel really groggy and then jump in the shower and get ready for school normally I have cereal for breakfast and sometimes, all depending on how I feel. Then I grab my home work and go over it to make sure I did every thing right and put it in my bag and leave my house and on my way to school at 8:30 and get at school at around    8:39    once I’m in the school I will hangout with my friends before school starts and we all play games on our phones until the bell rings for first class. I also like to to lots of  physical things like play hockey and good old foot ball we all sometimes  like to run and play base ball in the summer I go skiing in the winter I also go skating and play stick and puck on the out door rink


I think the most important personality trait is self believing if you cant believe in your self then you don’t believe in the stuff you can accomplish with your mind. I think the most important thing is to help yourself first and then help other when you feel that you are ready to. It is very important to know your own personality type because if you don’t then you cant move on in life and that my friend is the hardest thing about life its trying to find what you love without making other people around you unhappy.




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