Who Am I? Interests




I am Physically active with my hands the test told me  was a  builder  practical and straightforward. When given a task I think about the details and will make a plan to follow before getting started. As the  Builder I like  to be given direction because they want to spend their time actually getting things done. They also like to work independently. If you need to get something done in an organized way.

Another one of my occupations I would like to enter is mining, mine cutting and channeling. Machine operators operate machinery, like long wall shears, plows, and cutting machines that cut or channel along the face or seams of coal mines, stone quarries, or any other types of mining surfaces to help prepare for blasting, separating, or removing minerals or materials from mines or from the Earth’s surface.

These are all of my reasons and all my interests in my life. And the occupations that I would like to try when I am of the age.

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