Who Am I Knowledge

My top 3 subjects are science, computers and technical trades. with these three they include going into science they include going into technology and the other Is a good business path for trades. science Is probably my favourite subject and I love to learn it when I get into grade 10 I’m going to take science 10 and leave math in the dust. And if science doesn’t work I’m going to take the trade path in life. My career paths In life are I could be an astronaut and go in to science Anthropologist,Archaeologist or even a  Biochemical Engineer.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

this is my career cluster: It says that I have a mind meant for science and that I can use this to have a great occupation i could be many occupations






If any thing i would rather be an Astronomer or a nuclear scientist and learn bio chemistry and about how to fix large machinery

And the only way I get to enter any of that is if I have my science.




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