Who Am I Motivation


I am able to recognize my mistakes and fix them when i need to. Recognition is great for a work are of degre and areas were people need help because it helps me recognize wether  i am safe or if the people around me are safe.


. The acknowledgement of achievement, service, merit, etc.; often in the form of some token of appreciation.

Formal acknowledgement that conveys approval or endorsement.While a celebrity might not want to be recognized when they’re trying to have a quiet day out with a friend, most of us enjoy some level of recognition for the work that we do. That recognition might come in the form of an award, a promotion, or a sincere “Thank You!” for something we’ve done. It could be the celebrity that comes along with being a famous (or notorious) performer or public figure. Recognition might even come in the form of increased responsibility: managing a team, important activities or large budgets.



     I am very independent when I comes to work and  can do many thing by my self. I prefer to work by myself because I think that I can get higher marks when I am able to work on things my self and do more quality work by myself. People that are independent normally don’t care about other people opinions. We normally think very freely and don’t care about small things.




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