Romeo and Juliet Before Reading

Recently I have watched the movie “the choice” that has to do with the two couples that were completely fine until the new guy/girl stepped in. Another movie is the Titanic. With there being two couples, or a feeling relation meaning the they have feelings for each other. In both movies, the two couples end up parting ways, in order to be with the person they feel will treat them like they should be. in the end they turned out to be together, as well as they turned out to be families. Features that were similar is the fact that they know who they want to like at first glance, but they dont know for sure what will happen in the end, so they question the relationship.Why did Pyramus kill himself when he saw thisbes cloak? In fact, he could have found love after the fact, but the reality is that people go through breakups that they thought they were your true love, but most carry on and find their mate.

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