Who am I: Motavations

When I completed the motivation survey, my top two motivational factors are support and working conditions. The first factor which is support is to agree with or approve of someone, sometimes showing approval or support through action. To give help and assistance to someone. And to promote interests or causes. Support can come in many… Continue reading Who am I: Motavations

Who am I:Knowledge

The survey I took about knowledge showed that my top three subjects are the Physical education, computers, and creative arts. My subject areas include that I have 83% in physical education, 78% computers, 78% creative arts. I think that these were somewhat accurate because I do like to do physical activities because I play hockey… Continue reading Who am I:Knowledge

Who am I: interests

My two primary interest traits are Realistic and Enterprising. My interest type is the developer. A Developer can see the potential in the practical. They enjoy leadership opportunities where they can focus on concrete outcomes. Realistic and persuasive, The Developer has the ability to convince others to get involved with their projects. They like to… Continue reading Who am I: interests

Who Am I Personality

My personality type is ESTJ or The Supervisor. The ESTJ stands for extroverted, sensing, thinking, and judging. Extroversion-Comfortable in large groups, enjoys socializing, gains energy from being around others, enjoys the spotlight, and impulsive and speaks their mind. Sensing-Collects and presents info in an orderly and concrete fashion, good at explaining ideas in an organized… Continue reading Who Am I Personality

Who am I learning styles

My learning style is a visual-kinaesthetic learner which means I learn by looking, seeing and touching.I take notes and I sit in front of classrooms. I am 36% of a visual learner and 34% of a kinaesthetic learner. some of the study tips I can benefit in visual learning is by looking at illustrations and… Continue reading Who am I learning styles