Who am I learning styles

My learning style is a visual-kinaesthetic learner which means I learn by looking, seeing and touching.I take notes and I sit in front of classrooms. I am 36% of a visual learner and 34% of a kinaesthetic learner.

some of the study tips I can benefit in visual learning is by looking at illustrations and presentations with colour, underline or highlight important notes, use graphic organizers, and create a mental image or draw a visual representation, and turn concepts into charts diagrams. there care also some study tips for kinaesthetic learners like myself. I can benefit in kinaesthetic learning by participate in more hands on activities and use flash cards to sort certain concepts. I can study in short blocks and take breaks in between, and I can construct a model to represent concepts.

knowing about my learning styles would help me study better and understand about the curriculum. It can also help me preform better in school. It can also make exams and tests way easier.

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