Who Am I Personality

My personality type is ESTJ or The Supervisor. The ESTJ stands for extroverted, sensing, thinking, and judging.

Extroversion-Comfortable in large groups, enjoys socializing, gains energy from being around others, enjoys the spotlight, and impulsive and speaks their mind.

Sensing-Collects and presents info in an orderly and concrete fashion, good at explaining ideas in an organized way, relies on observations and measurement, focused on the details, systematic.

Thinking-Makes decisions based on objective criteria, not influenced by personal bias, perceived as impartial, uncaring, fair, focuses on final product.

Judging-Thoughtful, judicious, organized and enjoys planning, prefers concrete goals and deadlines, seeks closure to tasks, and logical.

My most important personality type for me is thinking because I like to make decisions based on criteria. I think its important to know my personality type because it can show what kind of role you can play in society and help you make friend who have the same traits as yourself.

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