Who am I:Knowledge

The survey I took about knowledge showed that my top three subjects are the Physical education, computers, and creative arts. My subject areas include that I have 83% in physical education, 78% computers, 78% creative arts. I think that these were somewhat accurate because I do like to do physical activities because I play hockey in the winter and I play lacrosse in the spring or summer. I also like to go for walks and runs. I like to use computers wheather its for playing games or researching about history. I wouldn’t mind to get to know how to built a computer and design things. For creative arts I am interested in and painting because I would like to build the house that I would live in. And decorate that house with the paintings I produce.


The three occupation matches were:preforming in the arts such as drama, film, and music. A/V technology to provide audio and video services to events. And communication, it focuses on creating and maintaining positive relationships between clients and the public. I don’t think that I would enjoy the occupations listed because they really don’t catch my interests. 

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