Who am I: Motavations

When I completed the motivation survey, my top two motivational factors are support and working conditions.

The first factor which is support is to agree with or approve of someone, sometimes showing approval or support through action. To give help and assistance to someone. And to promote interests or causes. Support can come in many forms, emotional and moral support can help us work through difficult times or difficult decisions. If support is something you highly value, look for places that are known to provide the types of support that are important to you. Remember that support is always something you can ask for. People who have the same factors as me should look for opportunities where your’re treated fairly by your employers, have the support of your managers, and recieve excellent training.

Some of my motavations are my friends and my family because they. look after me and treat me nicely and they keep me moving on in life.

The second motivational factor is working conditions. Which the conditions where the individual works. Working conditions include but aren’t limited to: the physical environment like indoors, outdoors, sitting or standing.If working conditions are one of your top motivation factors, think about what would be your ideal work environment and the conditions under which you would do your job. Once you have a good idea of what’s important to you, you’ll be able to focus on opportunities that support your needs. working outdoors could mean increased noise levels and a greater exposure to certain dangers at the workplace. People should this in mind when you’re thinking about what you want. People with the same factor should have lots of work to keep you occupied, can do your work alone, to have a wide variety of tasks and opportunities to be paid well, have job security, you have good conditions in which to work.

After I completed the survey I agree with the factors listed because I believe they represent me.

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