Masked image

For my computer option I had to make a masked image. I used a photo of Connor McDavid and I downloaded the image to Pixlr. When the photo of the hockey player was in, I used the gradient tool to add a haze across the photo.

Step 1:Download a photo. It should show up in your recents when you try to add a new photo in pixlr.

Step 2:Go into Pixlr and add a new photo when you just get into the software, there should be a blue button saying open image.

Step 3:When you have put your photo in pixlr copy the image to make another layer you can do it by pressing control D, or you can find the button on the right hand side above your history and below your original photo. Now use the gradient tool, its on the side bar to the left and the eleventh place down.

Step 4: When you use the gradient tool on one layer, the gradient would show solid colours so to fix that you need to change the opacity of the original photo to show the gradient, not the gradient itself because if you do that, the canvas would show up.

If you followed the steps correctly, your photo should look like this:

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