how I made a t-shirt design

For my option class I had to make a design on a t-shirt. First when you have the design ready you have to peel the “weeds” off of the design which is the white border around the picture. The tool i used was a tool called the “weeder.” It has a small metal hook and it is attached to a rubber handle, you have to pick the weeds off of the photo by hooking it on a corner away from the artwork and yourself. The weeds should peel off of the plastic, you should do it at an angle because it is easier to do than peeling it off not at an angle. After you are done peeling it off, you should be left woth your design, and a plastic sheet stuck to it. Then, you need to put a plastic sheet that is sticky on the design to take it off. After you do that, you need to use a squeegeeto get rid of all the bubbles that are on the design. After you do that, you have to take off the rest of the weeds under the image to put it on your tshirt. When you did that you are ready to put it on the shirt. To put the image on the shirt you have to have wax paper to put on top of the plastic or it will melt on the press. After you iron it once, take off the plastic on the image then put back on the wax paper to iron it on one more time. Then after you done that you have a t-shirt.

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