How I made a 3D printed object.

I had the opportunity to make a 3D printed object in my option class and this is what I made.

I made a small sized figure of squirtle from pokemon and I made it using dremel. It’s a website that has a ton of things that you can make out of plastic on your 3D printer. To make it actually print you have to use dremel.

I made the figure by downloading the files to my computer and opening dremel. I uploaded the file and went to “my projects” and seen the file in there. I pressed the repair button to make it compatible with the 3D printer, I then sliced it and I seen the preview for the figure with supports under the crotch and tail. It is now ready to print. To get the printer ready you need to pre heat it like an oven to make the plastic easy to manipulate into the figure your printing, and you need to level the platform so it can print level. After it is ready and level you use glue where the print is going to go so the plastic can stick to the platform. When that is done you are ready to go and print, you press the button and get it started. When it is done, you use a putty knife to get it off of the glued platform. After you get it off, use a set of small pliers to take the supports off where they were made. And like that thats how I made a 3D printed figure.

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