My motivation style

I would like to make a lasting impact that would help people in the long run because if you make something that is only good to some people then it won’t last very long because only some people would want to buy it or use it or actually enjoy it. Being independent can be good… Continue reading My motivation style

Knowledge style

My knowledge style is computers: My main knowledge style is computers but my second is language and third is business. Computers sound like it would be fun because working with tech is cool because when you get good at it you can create a lot of things that are in your interests for other people… Continue reading Knowledge style

Interest type

My interest type is the designer. Being a designer means that whatever I create would be imaginative but also have a purpose. I am comfortable working in uncertain conditions and can be quite independent. Designers have a knack for working with materials, tools and machines. They are always helping with something that is broken and… Continue reading Interest type

Personality type

My personality type is ENTP (The inventor). I tend to be outgoing and and feel at ease in large groups or when working as part of a team. I am likely to enjoy the spotlight and like socializing and working through problems by discussing them with others. I will mostly always speak my mind and… Continue reading Personality type

Learning style

“Who am I,” I am a student who is a kinesthetic learner. These are the study tips that were provided for being kinesthetic.           Participate in more hands-on tasks during learning: I have done this most of the time when we get into groups. Use Flash cards to sort concepts: I don’t… Continue reading Learning style

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